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Cincinnati is one of the state's most beautiful cities. Nestled in the hills of the Ohio Valley, the 78 sq mi city of 323,885 and metropolitan area over 2.3 million is Ohio's largest metropolitan area (MSA). Located along the famed Ohio River, the city was America's largest west of the East Coast for over 80 years and was generally considered America's first city (not founded by Europeans). Thus, it's old. Very old. The city's structure is essentially Eastern American, with rowhouses, the Cincinnati townhouse (which can be found in Mt. Auburn, Price Hill, West End, etc), duplexes, ornate apartment buildings, Art-Deco classics, and so forth. The mighty hills that surround the city has split the city up into distinctive, vastly different neighborhoods full of life. Essentially, there are many downtown areas because the city is full of small towns, each having their own flavor. And of course, there is the biggest downtown, located on the mighty Ohio river. The metropolitan growth rate is steady at 9% while the northern suburbs are booming. Enjoy the Queen City!