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Forum Update

Here is a shortened version of what has happened to the forum database. The forum attempted to optimize the very large messages table and when this happened it essentially crashed the sql server. Upon restart, the messages table was corrupt and would not repair. I was then able to import the backup from the previous evening and everything seemed to work just fine....until anyone posted a message. Not only would the message appear where it was supposed to, but it also registered a new post in a different unassociated thread. This was not okay.

I then tried to restore the full backup of the forum. This is where things went south. Our forum database is made up of two different types of sql tables, innoDB and MyISAM and apparently the innoDB tables do not backup correctly using the method of automated daily cron backups. So this is our main issue. I do not have the skillset to attempt to rebuild/repair/restore those tables.

The final issue is when the messages table is restored, in mysql it continually says "inuse" no matter what I do. This renders it unusable completely.

That is the long story short. I've had several people email me attempting to provide help. If you are familiar with mysql and or databases in general and have these issues and know of a solution, please help!


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