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^Here ya go.

South Park project takes off

Construction on the long-discussed Flats at South Park gets underway in the next couple of weeks, and developers hope it will be the first of several projects that help extend the Brown Street corridor north toward downtown.

More below:
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by down4cle on Yesterday at 10:44:32 PM »
Urbanbar / Re: Off Topic
« Last post by originaljbw on Yesterday at 10:26:39 PM »
Can't some politician step up and stop all the annoying sales call that I get on my cell phone?  Isn't using fake phone numbers against some law? 
I consistently get calls, texts for a Joseph petito, who is not me. I've had this phone number since 2007 and it drives me insane that at least 5 times a week I get calls or texts telling Joseph that he can refinance his student loans.

I feel a man in the iron mask scenario developing where I find his real phone number and address and sign him up for ev-ery-thing conceivably possible.

An updated plan for The Superman Monument and Plaza

"Plaza Features
The monument base will project from the plaza through molded, irregularly formed concrete rising upward; providing the appearance of the crystal base dramatically ascending from the earth.  The incorporation of a fog feature within and around the perimeter of the monument's base will provide a free-flowing dimension that accentuates the plaza experience by creating an interactive cloud of mist.
The adjacent Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge activates the vertical plane of the site, causing one to experience the plaza from different heights adding comprehensive interest.  Furthermore, terraced steps combines functionality and elegance; while providing the opportunity for intimate gathering spaces and impromptu outdoor classroom settings. "
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by X on Yesterday at 10:16:45 PM »
We are not on the brink of nuclear war and no one is "beating the war drum."  You've maybe been scared into thinking so by people who know how easily you are scared.  But it simply is not true.

I don't agree with most of the partisan rant from Ram, however I did recently read the article linked below and it re-awakened my nervousness with the world's nukes.  I don't blame Obama for the proliferation of nukes, but I also didn't see a significant effort to reduce the threat - which was disappointing.  The problem is, Ram was insinuating that it's a bad thing that the proliferation of nukes has continued, yet he supports a president who publicly states the US should "match them at every pass and outlast them all."  It's hard to reconcile the reasoning there

Obama always bad.....Trump always good.  That's the reasoning.  Nothing more.
Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Cleveland: Downtown Office Development News
« Last post by sir2gees on Yesterday at 09:20:05 PM »
^15 buildings (4.2 million square feet) has been converted to residential in 6 years? First time I've seen a number on all the conversions.
Current Events / Re: New Cold War with Russia?
« Last post by 8Titles on Yesterday at 09:04:16 PM »
I never thought I'd say this, but "Sarah Palin was right".  She called the Russian invasion of Ukraine if Obama was elected 6 years before it happened.
Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Cleveland: Downtown Office Development News
« Last post by KJP on Yesterday at 08:58:55 PM »
In a chart at the link below, Jones Lang LaSalle estimates that, at current trends, downtown Cleveland Class A vacancy will fall from 13.5 percent to 6.9 percent in the next five years. FYI: Anything below 10 percent typically justifies the construction of a new office building.

Office Insight

Cleveland | Q4 2016

All indicators point to a strengthening downtown

Residential conversions have had a dramatic effect on office vacancy
At the start of 2010, more than 4.2 million square feet (m.s.f.) of office product
sat vacant downtown. Fast forward to 2016, and downtown vacancy has declined
to 3.1 m.s.f. By 2020, vacancy is projected to sit at 2.2 m.s.f., less than half the
2010 figure. Conversion of office properties into residential use has been the
primary driver behind the dramatic reduction in office vacancy. Cleveland’s
downtown population is surging and developers have converted, or plan to
covert, more than 15 underperforming office buildings (totaling 4.2 m.s.f.) to
residential use. The redevelopment of these properties has reduced the
downtown office supply and has led to a tightening of market conditions.

Class A options downtown for large users are diminishing quickly
Vacancy rates in Class B buildings have seen dramatic declines as tenants have
spilled over from office-to-residential conversions. Class B vacancy spiked in the
first quarter of 2015 at 34.8 percent and has subsequently declined as residential
conversions have commenced. Class B properties have not been the only
benefactors, as Class A assets have also recorded gains. These premier office
buildings have benefited from a flight to quality as well as the reduction in the
office supply. Class A vacancy currently sits at 13.5 percent, down from 18.1
percent in the first quarter of 2016. Pending decisions by Forest City and
Millennia Companies will likely drive Class A vacancy down even further.

Rents are poised to move higher as the downtown office market tightens
Rents in the Cleveland office market are known for their consistency. This can be
a nuisance for landlords but a benefit for tenants. However, with so much
disruption taking place in the downtown office market, rents have broken free
from their static state. Asking rents downtown are up an average of 2.5 percent
year-over-year. And with market conditions forecasted to become even more
constrained over the next few years, rents are poised for further gains. Class A
asking rents downtown currently average $24.69 per square foot, and by 2020,
office tenants could be paying an extra $1.00 per square foot if rents appreciate
at a modest pace of 1.0 percent annually for the next few years.
Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Cleveland: General Business & Economic News
« Last post by KJP on Yesterday at 08:48:21 PM »
So many different publications, websites, news organizations, advertorials, etc. all have different list that come out and get airtime, it's hard to know what's what, especially since they all use different methodologies that suit their needs/audiences. 

Trust your eyes. How many new commercial structures for an expanded number of employees do you see under construction in Greater Cleveland?
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by E Rocc on Yesterday at 08:41:37 PM »
On Twitter:

Obama should resign a day early to make Biden the 45th President just to ruin all of Trump's merchandise
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