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Current Events / Re: Affordable Care Act
« Last post by KJP on Today at 11:25:34 PM »
When elected officials listen to insurers and ignore doctors when crafting a health insurance bill, do we need further proof that our system of government is broken?

American Medical Association comes out against Senate health care bill

US news  Yesterday
In a letter to Senate leaders, the country's leading association of physicians and medical students clarified its opposition to the Senate bill to repeal Obamacare, citing changes to Medicaid and Planned Parenthood. It also opposed the House bill, which passed 217-213.
City Discussion / Re: Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion
« Last post by KJP on Today at 11:20:37 PM »
I'm willing to bet a lot of people believe that random violent crime won't happen to them. But they do often need the police for lesser things, and when we repeatedly hear stories like this, it probably discourages more people from living/working in Cleveland than the violent crimes....

News 5 Cleveland‏Verified account @WEWS  10m10 minutes ago
ICYMI: "Did I have to get severely injured in this accident to have a police officer show up?"
Mass Transit / Re: Cleveland-Area TOD Discussion
« Last post by KJP on Today at 11:03:33 PM »
Unfortunately none of the uses proposed below would produce ridership for the adjacent RTA Campus station now undergoing renovation. RTA agreed to fund this renovation rather than close the Campus station because the city and the CDC said they would work together in promoting transit-supportive development near this station. Do these uses sound transit-supportive....

Rare Opportunity to acquire approximately 4 acres of Unrestricted Industrial Land located in Downtown Cleveland. Uses may range from any type manufacturing, Recycling & Scrapping, Demolition / Construction Debris Storage, Concrete / Asphalt production, Stone & Gravel.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by David on Today at 10:54:11 PM »
Why are we so polarized? Why is it that whenever I express my view on something on here, I'm assumed a political affiliation based on my opinion and tone and manage to spur counter-arguments motivated by a perceived threat to someone ascribed to an opposing political affiliation? Why can't we all just simply be independent thinkers who just call shinnanigans as we see them or promote ideas that we truly believe in? I see so many folks on this forum who like each others posts and defend each other (mostly liberals, btw) and wouldn't dare challenge the person they're on the same bandwagon with.

This forum would be so monotonous and boring if it weren't for the very few provocateurs on here. Not just speaking on the Donald Trump thread, but the forum as a whole.

Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by ck on Today at 10:45:13 PM »
To be honest, people are like this all over the globe - we just obviously don't see it as much.  When you travel, you represent yourself - people who generalize that you represent an entire country or who harass you about your country are the goofs you are embarrassed of here, so no reason to care what they think anywhere else either.
General Photos / Re: Urban Ohio "Picture Of The Day"
« Last post by ck on Today at 10:37:03 PM »
Looks like you got "clear" skies.
Haha, it's true.  Very few are wearing masks and overall it's pretty nice. I've been told next month they'll start getting heavy smog.

Oops, spoke a little too soon:
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by YABO713 on Today at 10:36:23 PM »
Meh, I'm pretty embarrassed to be an American sometimes, perhaps now more than ever. On one side of the aisle, you have an appalling President and tens of millions of diehard supporters completely oblivious to all common sense and reason. And they're allied with hate groups, ultra religious zealots, xenophobes, and those who...are frankly woefully unintelligent, especially with an understanding of how the economy works. 

And then on the other side of the American aisle, you get more than a few annoying and whiney complainers who are best at losing elections, having endless s-hitfits, and enabling horrific, violent anti-social behavior. True, they're not as bad as their counterparts, but I'm no fan of their fake causes and distorted realities either, especially with the bizarre narratives on racial, and to a degree gender, dynamics. Meh, everything is racist. Everything is sexist. It's always someone else's fault. Blah blah blah. To hell with them as well.

Let the earth swallow up both groups, and then I'd be proud to be an American again alongside those remaining. But for now, it's pretty pitiful.

You certainly have valid points, and you're definitely right.

But the fact that you equated "Proud to be American" with political affiliation shows how polarized we have become.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by David on Today at 10:32:39 PM »
^Well said. I'm not as articulate as you but I wanted to point out that I'm often embarrassed to be an American, as well. I hate Trump for a multitude of reasons that go without saying but I also hate the whiny, entitled (and yes, violent,) far left. They really do have distorted realities that manage to penetrate to the main stream and as dumb as Trump supporters are, the left are equally the champions of fake news, anecdotes over trends and data, and God, I just can't get past the worst aspect of the radical left's movement - censorship. Banning or attempting to ban/protesting conservatives coming to college campuses to express ideas based on actual data and trying to get every public figure fired for saying things that they don't particularly want to hear. America used to be known for and admired for it's First Amendment.

People on this forum tend to not talk much about SJWs but they're a very vocal minority and they're vocal about issues that are completely irrelevant to the lives and well-being of most people. They're issues that are sort of a last resort when you run out of things to complain about. They're the ones who said that Trump waged a 'war on women' and they're the same ones who either preach or will defend those who say that you having a racial preference in dating is 'racist.' I really do think of myself as a progressive person but I just can't get behind 95% of the SJW crap! I know a lot of Liberals don't really care about that stuff but it's certainly giving the left a bad name and causing me to not want to associate with them.

We as a nation have just become so polarized. I don't even understand how this happened. It also really sucks that in America, the media has a particularly close relationship with the establishment and Washington. It's so sad. I wish we were like Britain in that regard.

You can't trust the click-bait headlines from fake news websites (which are everywhere, now) and you can't trust the mainstream, pandering media. It requires so much research now, just to figure out if what you're reading is legit. You shouldn't have to do so much research. You should be able to rely on journalists who are professionals who you can be assured, took ethics classes.

Ugh. Even folks who are somewhat in the middle of the isle for some reason feel the need to defend the most radial folks on their side of the isle. I'm sure it's always been like this, to a degree but it has to have been getting progressively worse.

I'm a registered Democrat who actually voted for Shillary (it wasn't an easy decision) and although I have a lot of strong opinions on everything, I don't really think I'm THAT much of an independent thinker - I know there's a lot of people with very similar views to mine, yet there just doesn't seem to be a place for me on either side. It actually feels kinda lonely. I really wish that I could identify as a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative or Libertarian and whatever else but (I guess since mid-way through Obama's presidency,) sometimes I just sort of feel like I'm in my own world and in a place that no one could possibly understand. It's gotten so bad.
Mass Transit / Re: Greater Cleveland RTA News & Discussion
« Last post by Cleburger on Today at 10:22:51 PM »

How would that change the FTA ruling on violating their contract?   

It wouldn't. But those who are/think they are powerful believe the laws do not apply to them.

I was gonna say--Calabrese seemed at first willing to go along with keeping the square closed, until the FTA reminded him of his agreements.
Detroitís Shipping Container Food Hall Might Actually Break Ground This Week

After years of delays it seems like Detroitís long-awaited shipping container food hall may finally be breaking ground in Cass Corridor. Detroit Shipping Co. confirmed today that the project will be putting shovels to dirt this week at 474 Peterboro Street near The Peterboro and 8 Degrees Plato, according to Metro Times.

The mixed-use entertainment complex will feature five food vendors ó Brujo Tacos & Tapas, Coop, Montyís Beef Co., Detroit Dog Co., and (as of today) Bangkok 96. Additionally, Detroit Shipping Co. will operate two bars, pop-up art space, and retail space.

More below:

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