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Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by audidave on Today at 10:43:39 AM »
The silver lining is this obviously needed to be discussed as a nation. Trump is inadvertently putting a spotlight on this and so people are discussing this at a deeper level i would hope so that they are seeing that many different people from all walks of life and backgrounds back the players protests. Then they will have a hard time squaring that with what faux news has fed them about the subject.
Detroit could use a streetscape project to liven up the area once you get of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The area is supposed to be alive but looks dead due to the boring look of the street. The same goes for West 25th. Besides a small stretch that street is very wide and bland, giving it some TLC could go a long way in bringing the area up to the vision that everyone imagines. Developers build "walkable neighborhoods" in areas that have streets as wide as highways, to me that doesn't make complete sense. I don't think uptown would be as much of a hit (still would be popular) if it wasn't for the Euclid Corridor project shrinking the street, making it more pedestrian friendly as well as adding greenery to give it life. Streetscapes go a long way, it completes a neighborhood vision imo.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by down4cle on Today at 10:38:41 AM »
Sports Talk / Re: NFL: General News & Discussion
« Last post by down4cle on Today at 10:36:12 AM »
^ CBS has stated that ratings for week 3 were 4% higher then week 3 last year. 
Sports Talk / Re: NFL: General News & Discussion
« Last post by mu2010 on Today at 10:34:56 AM »
The NFL is a television program. People in the stadiums are a bonus that kind of help the atmosphere, like the live studio audience on sitcoms or game shows. Are ratings actually down? I know Trump said they were but he's not the most reliable source and I haven't fact-checked him.
I think Midtiwn really may be the best option. With the tech focus, a basically empty canvas to do what they want, land that can be built upon for homes for the workers , connection to the healthline. Throw in not being too far from downtown and a highway it's a great location. It may not be adjacent to an airport but maybe that can be remedied by RTA, does anyone remember the time they had some health line buses take riders to the UC station instead of Windermere? The same can be done for the 55th station. They can build a connector (streetcar maybe) from by the rail yard on 55th and create a midtown loop that travels down Chester (Euclid is clogged) through midtown and loops back to the 55th station. This could spur further development and also allow the workers to catch the train either to Hopkins or take it downtown to Burke and vice versa.
What's going on with the shabby, frame building on the north side of Lorain that used to have a bakery?  It sort of looks like somebody is doing something, but I don't see any progress.  Top floor, as seen from the west, looks particularly wretched. Sure I'd like to see the building remain, and it could be the sole frame commercial building around there and painted such that it really enhances the block, but is there really any hope here, before the structure collapses?
if you take a look from the alley, you'll see that it's been gutted and is being completely rehabbed. they haven't touched the facade yet.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by jam40jeff on Today at 10:29:03 AM »
I think the anger against the National Anthem protests has nothing to do with the method of the protest.  In my opinion, ANY protest would be met with this level of anger.  People would just have to find a new "official reason" to be angry with the protest.  But to me, the real reason for the anger is that it makes many white people uncomfortable to have to face the fact that racism still exists and has real effects on people.  It's much easier to hide behind a rock (or your beer and football game) and pretend that everything is great and "those people" need to just entertain you and keep their mouths shut.  To me, this became even more clear as you now see people saying things like "I don't care what they have to say, I turn on the game to see football" or "leave the country if you don't like it".

By refusing to even acknowledge that this problem exists, or because maybe the statistics show that there hasn't been an increase in this type of thing is also the point. This has been going on for many years in probably the same fashion and there likely hasn't been an uptick. Only now there are videos in social media to prove that it does happen.

Racism is a deep and complex problem.  Not only are the solutions incredibly complex (bordering on impossible), but it's very hard nowadays to even identify and prove racism to people who do not wish to see it.  For many decades people have been perfecting ways of making racism less visible or convincing themselves that it doesn't exist.  I think white flight and suburbanization (now turning into what I call exurbanization) is probably the most obvious example of this.  For those who experience (or even just see) racism, it makes things very frustrating because there is not one easily identifiable thing you can point to and say "reasonable people out there, look at this, if we can just fix this obviously racist thing, things would be so much better".  So people fighting racism grasp on to something to use for their cause, and now that thing is police killing of unarmed black men.  The problem is that, although I do believe profiling and harassment of minorities is a real problem, the statistics for actual officer involved killings don't seem to be all that skewed once you account for variables such as poverty and actual crimes committed (probably a discussion for a whole new thread...if I am wrong on this I would appreciate someone having some statistics to bear that argument out).  Thus, the anti-racism movement sort of makes itself an easy target for ridicule by those who will never agree with anything they say anyway.

It puts people fighting against racism in a tough and frustrating situation.  You need something concrete to fight against to rally support, but sometimes the problems just are really complex and involve more thought than most people are willing to put into it.  I would say it's a general problem with politics in general.  Complex policy discussion must be reduced to quick quips and shallow logic for the masses to understand and to retain their attention.  So therefore, you must find effective ways to reduce the complex problem to a more simplified version.  I'm not sure what's being done is the most effective way to approach the problem as it gives people who don't want to see the problem an easy "out" by just claiming the arguments are not legitimate.  Then again, I don't have many better ideas of how the complex issue of racism can be presented to the public in a way that people will understand and want to rally behind.  But I do believe (or at least want to believe) that the majority of people out there really would like to do something about racial issues if they were able to be shown that those issues really do exist.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by mu2010 on Today at 10:22:24 AM »
somebody i know thinks that black lives matter somehow implies that white lives don't matter - i think they need to look at the words again and if they still don't understand the phrase, maybe take a remedial english course.
Cha cha cha, then!
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