Author Topic: Circleville / Pickaway County: Developments and News  (Read 1718 times)

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Re: Circleville / Pickaway County: Developments and News
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^^ Well that sucks. :(

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Re: Circleville / Pickaway County: Developments and News
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From the 12/23/06 Dispatch:

PHOTO: The house was moved to a nearby field in 2004 to make way for a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Vandals have damaged the 150-year-old building, but it’s structurally sound. 
PHOTO: A free-standing spiral staircase is one of many unique architectural features in the Gregg-Crites Octagon House in Circleville. Wally Higgins, left, and Tom Cooper are part of the Roundtown Conservancy, a local group trying to restore the house. State lawmakers earmarked $100,000 for the project in a bill that passed this week.

8-sided restoration project
Circleville group raising cash to renovate octagonal house

Saturday, December 23, 2006
Kelly Hassett

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio — The Gregg-Crites Octagon House has more than 150 years behind it, and supporters hope the next couple make up for the past few.

The eight-sided structure is the focus of a restoration project by the Roundtown Conservancy, a Pickaway County group dedicated to protecting the area’s historic and significant buildings and green spaces...

For more information about the house, visit the conservancy’s Web site at

The house collapsed over the weekend. No article or pix yet.

False alarm. So I went down there to investigate, maybe shoot some pictures, talk to anyone that was around etc. and the house seems totally fine. Some lady told my mother that it collapsed but there was just a big pile of cut up logs and branches across the street from where a tree had fallen in a cornfield.  Small towns have the silliest rumors sometimes.

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Re: Circleville / Pickaway County: Developments and News
« Reply #62 on: May 21, 2018, 10:39:01 AM »
The 1.4 million square-foot plant for Italian tissue manufacturer Sofidel Group broke ground in 2016 and is nearing completion for its opening later in 2018.  The new plant will employ about 300 people at its location along Route 23 just south of Circleville.

Below are two older articles about the plant from the Dispatch and a photo of the 1.4 million square-foot plant under construction from the Sofidel website at

-- Italian tissue maker bringing hundreds of jobs to Circleville:

-- Tissue maker Sofidel breaks ground in Circleville:

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