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Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Ohio: General Business & Economic News
« Last post by subocincy on Today at 07:33:06 AM »
Site Selection results are here:

Metros with Population Over 1 Million

'17   '16         Metro                                              State                    Projects
1      1           Chicago-Naperville-Elgin                   Ill.-Ind.-Wis.         402
2      3           Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land  Texas                   196
3      2           Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington               Texas                   192
4      6           Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell          Ga.                      131
5      4           New York-Newark-Jersey City            N.Y.-N.J.-Pa.          128
6      5           Cincinnati                                        Ohio-Ky.-Ind.         111
7      8           Columbus                                        Ohio                     99
8      7           Washington-Arlington-Alexandria       D.C.-Va.-Md.-W.Va. 82
9      20         Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson           Ind.                      73
10    T18        Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim     Calif.                     72

Those ten by Projects/100,000 Capita:

1 Cincinnati 5.13
2 Columbus 4.85
3 Chicago 4.23
4 Indianapolis 3.64
5 Houston 2.89
6 Dallas 2.65
7 Atlanta 2.26
8 Washington 1.34
9 New York .64
10 Los Angeles .54

I don't think that Site Selection magazine can be fully appreciated w/o an understanding of its large, in-house professional readership:

Site Selection has an audited circulation of approx. 45,000 corporate decision-makers:
 More than 44,000 c-suite manufacturing & corporate real estate executives;
 More than 2,500 government development agencies;
 Decision makers from more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies;
 More than 630 facility managers;
 More than 500 site consultants;
 Executives with more than 100 utilities;
 Representing more than 80 countries.
(Statistical information includes audited circulation and the publisher's own data.)

Based on this cursory analysis of Site Selection's circulation, it has to be considered more than a glitzy publication meant to impress, but rather one to be taken seriously due to the data it presents and the audience who relies on it.

This intersection, as-is, is a character-defining spot in the city.  There is no history of traffic circles in Cincinnati.  This project doesn't accomplish anything other than function as a slide in a career-hopper's portfolio. 
In its latest twist and turn, this contentious issue came to the forefront again, in that a multitude of citizens don't want it:
Ohio Politics / Re: Cincinnati City Charter Reform and Amendments
« Last post by jmecklenborg on Today at 01:25:34 AM »
Cranley, et al. pushing hard for a strong mayor...using the Cranley dumpster fire as an excuse:

Trying to set the stage for an executive mayor...specifically Chris Smitherman.  That would be an absolute disaster. 
Absolutely. The C&H building has footings that can support about a twenty floor building. A developer named Wygamore proposed, in 1958 or so, such an addition. Obviously, it was never built, the victim of another building/bust from that time. It is still waiting for someone!
City Photos - Ohio / Re: Cincinnati: Historic Photos
« Last post by TheCOV on Yesterday at 11:54:02 PM »
Hard to imagine how we could have torn all of that down? Thousands and thousands of sturdy brick structures. Just wow.
Great photo.  RIP Smitty's. 
Current Events / Re: Racism
« Last post by KJP on Yesterday at 11:37:13 PM »
The #FBI, ATF, and Austin Police Department seek the public's assistance with identifying the individual(s) responsible for the package bombs which injured and killed several Austin, Texas, residents.  Reward offered:
15th & Vine project today:

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