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Does anyone know when the other mid-rise buildings at that site will start being built?

Heard from a friend at work that the plans for the site are being finalized. They are currently building a spec type building behind medpace and he said that it should start construction after that is finished, I have noticed over the past two weeks that they have been moving dirt on the site.
Count me among those who suspect potential and possibly extensive environmental cleanup costs for the Oakley site.  After all, it was an ironworks/foundry. 

I wonder who will end up paying the costs???

Im telling you....THIS is the story no one is talking about. It's the real impetus behind Cranley having the Port develop the property and not FC itself. It opens the door to taxpayer funding of "cost overruns".
The problem is someone comes along and takes the team away if its not in the core. You get to keep the team if you build a downtown stadium 12 years later for twice as much.

That is patently untrue and the situation In Columbus is apples and oranges. If you think the Crew are moving because of the lack of a downtown stadium in CBUS you are delusional. This is just a smokescreen to get them to move because the owner wanted to move them to Austin the day he bought the team. He has set the bar so high in Columbus that he knows the city will never meet what he wants so he can move the team. It is called negotiating in bad faith.

The difference between Cincy and CBUS is local ownership. All those families live in Cincy and will continue to live here. That makes a huge difference. What happens 25 years later, of course we cant predict that however, I have a lot more faith in the long term stability of the franchise when you have a local ownership group instead of a carpetbagger from California who does not know Columbus from Kalamazoo.

I'm not that familiar with other MLS teams that have moved, but obviously it has happened a few times since some of the original teams from 1996 have moved. Were there stadium issues? Lamar Hunt, the founding owner of the Crew was based out of Kansas City and owned the Chiefs. Mike Brown threatened to move the Bengals over the "ancient" Riverfront Stadium despite being local.
General Transportation / Re: Ridesourcing
« Last post by Ram23 on Yesterday at 09:05:16 PM »
^^It's because she's very pretty. Think "Hot Felon"

She's not pretty, she's just scantily clad.
Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Cleveland: Retail News
« Last post by freefourur on Yesterday at 08:57:06 PM »
my understanding is that Stark owns the rights to Menchies franchises in NEO.  If anyone wants a Menchies they have to go through Stark.  Again, I might be wrong.
General Transportation / Re: Ridesourcing
« Last post by jmecklenborg on Yesterday at 08:27:32 PM »
That girl reminds me of one I picked up in 2014 or 2015.  In fact, I seem to recall it being the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, so exactly 2 or 3 years ago. 

I pull up to a house party on Flora St.  After a moment of confusion a girl dressed in a very short skirt sits down in the front passenger seat.  Unprompted, she immediately tells me that she is a senior in high school (so a high schooler at a college party), just lost her virginity the Saturday night before, and that she she just had sex with a different guy at the Flora St. party.  She asks me if I think dude #1 is going to be upset.  I told her well...just don't tell him.  Somehow it hadn't yet occurred to her that the guy might not find out if she just didn't tell anyone.  But she had already told me, and who knows how many in that crowd waiting out by the sidewalk. 

It was a short ride to a condo in Over-the-Rhine.  She gets out and I wish her luck.  The door shuts and something catches my eye.  It's a spot of a suspicious substance square in the middle of my passenger side seat.  I pull over and get out the upholstery cleaner and the spot is 90% erased, but now I have a softball-sized wet spot on the seat.  I'm out of business for at least an hour.  I think I drove around with the window open to a gas station to try and dry it out. 
Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Cleveland: Retail News
« Last post by Pugu on Yesterday at 07:52:42 PM »
"master franchise for NEO "   does that mean one person/company owns all stores of a chain within a given market?
Ohio Business and Economy / Re: Cleveland: Retail News
« Last post by osu87 on Yesterday at 07:39:50 PM »
I believe you are correct
General Transportation / Re: Ridesourcing
« Last post by freefourur on Yesterday at 07:18:25 PM »
nobody deserves to be sexually harassed and threatened.
General Transportation / Re: Ridesourcing
« Last post by eastvillagedon on Yesterday at 06:49:37 PM »
and she wonders why she's being sexually harassed and getting death threats??

Scantily clad woman who stole money from Uber driver's tip jar says she's being harassed
By Katherine Lam| Fox News

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