Author Topic: Chile: Isla Negra & Cajón del Maipo  (Read 643 times)

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Chile: Isla Negra & Cajón del Maipo
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:05:05 PM »
isla negra & cajon del maipo, chile

isla negra and cajon del maipo are examples of nice day trips you can take in chile as they are just a few hours outside of valparaiso and santiago -- enjoy!

isla negra is not an island, but a small town that lies along the pacific about two hours south of valparaiso. It is best known for the pablo neruda casa museum, one of his three homes. neruda himself named it after an out-cropping of dark rocks behind his house. unfortunately, but understandably, you are not allowed to take photos in the neruda house museums, but enjoy a look around.

this is the most famous view  ----  behind neruda’s house

pacific oceanside gravesite of matilda y pablo

front of the neruda estate

around town

fun hostel bus stop ad

not our bus  ----  a local coastal bus

last is from the bus ride ---> this is chilean wine country between isla negra & valparaiso

cajon del maipo is a scenic area in the andes east of santiago.
it takes a couple hours to reach as the road winds up into the mountains.
if you like hiking, it’s a great day trip option from santiago.

glacier up there  ---  i believe the area we are headed to is the el yeso reservoir

stopping off on the way back for a picnic

empanada pitstop

torre constanera back in santiago

***  i hope you liked a look around isla negra and cajon del maipo --- popular sites, yet somewhat off the beaten path day trips in chile  ***

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Re: Chile: Isla Negra & Cajón del Maipo
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2017, 11:32:02 PM »
Great shots!
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