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Author Topic: Akron: East End: Development and News  (Read 3189 times)

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Re: Akron: East End: Development and News
« Reply #90 on: May 31, 2018, 08:19:48 AM »
I keep feeling that Smucker brands will set up in Akron.  Essentially, the non-baked goods part of Smuckers will need to be handled somewhere other than Wooster.  They have bought a lot of pet food companies of late. This would seem as good a time as any to start using Akron as its off-brand headquarters.  You canít go too wrong setting up that inside the former HQ of one of the most iconic brands in the world. I have 0 insight into any of this, it just seems to me that they are bringing marketing people from all over the US when they buy these companies and I canít see half of these people if they are coming from SF or LA wanting to live in farm country even if the can buy a house for 1/8 what they cost in Cali.
Why can't they have it on their existing campus? There are lots of people that commute from Richfield / Bath to Downtown Cleveland. Also, there is plenty of land around them if they really wanted to grow. (BTW, they are in Orrville)

All of the parking at East End is underground now I assume? I've been through the factory area and underground, but I don't recall where a deck entrance and parking may be.

I stopped in to the new barbershop at the goodyear theatre to get a cut and the owner and I got to talking. He said that another large undisclosed company is considering the east end complex but in order to accommodate them a parking garage will be needed. The developer and the city are in discussions regarding that.

Also, here's the design of the new retail to be constructed soon.
Does everyone like this design? Is this type of design common/acceptable in Akron? I feel like in Cleveland it would be shredded.
Typical, the bar has never been pushed except for a project here or there. I will post some pictures of the new Start State building and you will see what I mean.
But, don't people think Dimit is doing some good things and yet they seem to be doing the same kind of work as this strip mall begin proposed:
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