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Hoover Dam (10 images)

Built between 1931 through 1936, the incomparable Hoover Dam lies southeast of Las Vegas. It generates enough power for three states!
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The Strip (214 images)

Where else can you travel from Egypt to New York to Paris to Venice...all along a double-decker bus in an hour?  The Strip IS Las Vegas (though it technically is not IN Las Vegas).  The City Center complex alone is worth the visit.
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<![CDATA[Aerials (37 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Nevada/Las%2520Vegas/Aerials/ Aerials

Aerials (37 images)

Aerials include downtown Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and The Strip.
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Downtown (2 images)

Downtown Las Vegas is a gem. Old-school casinos, the incredible Fremont Street Experience, and far less pretentious than The Strip. downtown Las Vegas is a must-visit!
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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the Gambling Capital of the World. What more can be said about the real city that never sleeps, that treats millions of visitors a year, and can cook a good steak at a good price? Only in Vegas, baby! The city has about 480,000 people and the metropolitan area of about 1.9 million people is growing about as steady as the ever-changing skyline. Too many casinos to name, too many places to see, too much fun. Las Vegas is a treat for all.  
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<![CDATA[Nevada]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Nevada/ Nevada


Nevada is more than just Las Vegas. It is a state of gorgeous desert mountains, beautiful arid vegetation, ski resorts, other gambling centers (notably, Reno and Laughlin), and a wonderful Western past, including the fabled Virginia City. The state of about 2.4 million people is a treat for all to visit...and gamble.
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