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Hillcrest (17 images)

Hillcrest contains the sub-neighborhoods of Sandalwood Park and Hillview. Sandalwood contains many post-war, but character-rich homes while Hillview is composed of older housing including numerous doubles.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Hillcrest/ Wed, 17 Jan 2007 23:54:28 -0500
<![CDATA[North Riverdale (10 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/North%2520Riverdale/ North Riverdale

North Riverdale (10 images)

North Riverdale is an extention of Riverdale but with newer construction. A pleasant combination of apartment buildings, doubles, and single family homes line the neighborhood's streets.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/North%2520Riverdale/ Thu, 18 Jan 2007 00:07:42 -0500
<![CDATA[Mount Vernon (17 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Mount%2520Vernon/ Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon (17 images)

Mount Vernon was constructed to house some of Dayton's wealthiest and is largely composed of stately Tudor and colonial mansions.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Mount%2520Vernon/ Thu, 18 Jan 2007 00:46:27 -0500
<![CDATA[Cornell Heights (11 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Cornell%2520Heights/ Cornell Heights

Cornell Heights (11 images)

Cornell Heights sits immediately west of Princeton Heights. The neighborhood has a good amount of postwar housing, but still maintains an inviting character.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Cornell%2520Heights/ Wed, 17 Jan 2007 23:02:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Fairview (15 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Fairview/ Fairview

Fairview (15 images)

Fairview wraps around the north side of Good Samaritan Hospital and contains an equal mix of apartment buildings and single family residences.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Fairview/ Wed, 17 Jan 2007 23:42:09 -0500
<![CDATA[College Hill (10 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/College%2520Hillz/ College Hill

College Hill (10 images)

College Hill is located just across Philadelphia Avenue from the similar Dayton View Triangle neighborhood. College Hill features a very diverse housing stock spanning its gently rolling hills.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/College%2520Hillz/ Wed, 17 Jan 2007 23:21:59 -0500
<![CDATA[Dayton View Triangle (24 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Dayton%2520View%2520Triangle/ Dayton View Triangle

Dayton View Triangle (24 images)

Dayton View Triangle is wedged between Salem, Philadelphia, and Cornell Avenues. The neighborhood is anchored by the former United Theological Seminary campus, an Olmsted design. Spanish-style, Tudor, Victorian, and Queen Anne homes line Dayton View Triangle's curvelinear streets.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Dayton%2520View%2520Triangle/ Sun, 23 Dec 2007 00:02:15 -0500
<![CDATA[Webster Station (27 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Webster%2520Station/ Webster Station

Webster Station (27 images)

Webster Station District features two Public Markets including the 2nd Street Market, bars, restaurants, and lofts. There are many more attractions in the works.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Webster%2520Station/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:23:24 -0400
<![CDATA[Saint Anne's Hill (21 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Saint%2520Annes%2520Hill/ Saint Anne's Hill

Saint Anne's Hill (21 images)

St. Anne's Hill is one of the key gentrified areas of the city. With perhaps one of the greatest variety of housing in Ohio, St. Anne's Hill is a gold mine of Victorian and Second Empire along with other styles. Mostly founded by Germans, the neighborhood still has German cottages, restaurants, and stores. Cozy would be the best word to describe St. Anne's Hill. 
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Saint%2520Annes%2520Hill/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:33:35 -0400
<![CDATA[Old North Dayton (16 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Old%2520North%2520Dayton/ Old North Dayton

Old North Dayton (16 images)

Old North Dayton has seen better days. Located northeast of downtown along the Mad River, it is near the industrial heart of the city. Settled by Germans, the neighborhood is the home of many descendants of Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Polish immigrants. Today, the neighborhood, while not completely dilapidated, is still a bit rough around the edges.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Old%2520North%2520Dayton/ Wed, 30 Nov -001 00:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Huffman (32 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Huffman/ Huffman

Huffman (32 images)

Huffman Historic District is a remarkable story. From the trenches of poverty and crime, the neighborhood bounced back in the 1990's with gentrification. Turning decrepit Victorian, Italianate, and Queen Anne housing into their original condition, the Huffman neighborhood is still a work in progress yet has come a long way. The neighborhood, along with the McPherson neighborhood across from downtown, have the highest concentration of gay/lesbians in the city. The Huffman neighborhood also is the home of many Polish and Hungarian immigrants. It is located east of downtown.  
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Huffman/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:52:09 -0400
<![CDATA[Santa Clara (6 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Santa%2520Clara/ Santa Clara

Santa Clara (6 images)

Santa Clara was once the center of arts for Dayton. Sadly, the neighborhood has been in disrepair for a couple years. Hopefully, the neighborhood gentrifies and resurges as an arts destination. The Santa Clara Square still has art galleries, gay/lesbian bookstores, some restaurants, and other businesses.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Santa%2520Clara/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:34:21 -0400
<![CDATA[Grafton Hill (57 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Grafton%2520Hill/ Grafton Hill

Grafton Hill (57 images)

Grafton Hill is a hidden gem. The home of the Dayton Art Institute, Greek Orthodox Church, Masonic Temple, gorgeous Spanish architecture, and some of the best Tudor and Queen Anne houses in the state, Grafton Hill sits above Dayton just north of the Great Miami River. One of the safest neighborhoods, Grafton Hill is also home of one of the only churches in the state entirely made of limestone. It also is the home of several highrises with skyline views.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Grafton%2520Hill/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:50:20 -0400
<![CDATA[Oregon District (90 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Oregon%2520District/ Oregon District

Oregon District (90 images)

Oregon District has evolved from working class, to party central, to trendy to something else. The oldest neighborhood in the city, it was a stop along the Miami-Erie Canal and has a large collection of detached rowhouses, Federal and Victorian houses, and even old churches turned mansions. The residential area is very compact and has a town square/gazebo. The main commercial strip in the Oregon District is Fifth Street, home of restaurants (including Jay's Seafood, the highest rated seafood restaurant in Ohio), shops, a comedy club, Gem City Records, and many bars. It was once the main nightclub district but now Webster Station and downtown are the hub of that activity. The Oregon District is also famous for the Neon Movies independent theater. No one knows what's next for the Oregon District's future but certainly it should be entertaining.    
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Oregon%2520District/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:55:27 -0400
<![CDATA[Financial District (104 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Financial%2520District/ Financial District

Financial District (104 images)

The center of downtown Dayton is Courthouse Square, capped by the Old Courthouse, the Dayton Arcade, RTA Center, restaurants, shops, and a large fountain. The Victoria Theater is the oldest operating stage theater in the state while Memorial Hall, once a theater, is now turning into a museum.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Financial%2520District/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:20:16 -0400
<![CDATA[Downtown]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Downtown/ Downtown


Downtown Dayton is one of the largest success stories in Ohio. The downtown nearly left vacant thanks to suburbanization is now coming back full force with the wonderful Schuster Center Performing Arts Center (which includes a 230ft. tower, wintergarden, restaurants, and two theaters), Fifth-Third Field, home of the Dayton Dragons, RiverScape riverfront park, Deeds Aviation Park, many new loft and condos in restored buildings or under construction, and the Webster Station District. Five Rivers Fountain at RiverScape Park is one of the largest water fountains in the country.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Downtown/ Wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Dayton View (29 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Dayton%2520View/ Dayton View

Dayton View (29 images)

Dayton View is a rather diverse neighborhood in terms of architectural styles. Almost every kind can be found within this neighborhood including an abundant amount of Victorian, Chateauesque, and Prairie-style homes. Once one of the centers of black Dayton, it was the home of recording studios for the Dayton Funk Music Movement (where Dayton was the center of in the 70's) including the Ohio Players, Lakeside, Roger & Zapp, Heatwave, Shirley Murdock, and more recently CeCe Peniston ("Finally"). Sadly, those studios are now in ruins.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Dayton%2520View/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:17:33 -0400
<![CDATA[Riverdale (4 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Riverdale/ Riverdale

Riverdale (4 images)

Riverdale is a community that was started on the banks of the Great Miami and Stillwater Rivers and has a livery, King Chicken Louie's (a Dayton dining tradition) and a few nightclubs and bars.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Riverdale/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:33:03 -0400
<![CDATA[Walnut Hills (14 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Walnut%2520Hills/ Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills (14 images)

Primarily a neighborhood in which Hungarians, Polish, Italians, and Germans moved into, Walnut Hills is where the home of NCR, Mead, and other corporations' workers and is the home of stunning churches, great "mom & pop" stores, and restaurants. Esther Price, a locally-famous candy company, is still around in Walnut Hills.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Walnut%2520Hills/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:48:15 -0400
<![CDATA[University Park (19 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/University%2520Park/ University Park

University Park (19 images)

University Park is largely a college area with the University of Dayton, the Brown Street district (full of restaurants, shops, cafes, etc), and the Woodlawn Cemetery, one of the most famous and beautiful cemeteries, which is the home of Paul L. Dunbar, Erma Bombeck, and many other famous Daytonians. University Park is also the home of the Patterson Homestead, one of the founders for NCR.  
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/University%2520Park/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:34:54 -0400
<![CDATA[Five Oaks (16 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Five%2520Oaks/ Five Oaks

Five Oaks (16 images)

From middle to poor, Five Oaks blew up in the early 1900's with rows and rows of apartment buildings, tree-lined streets of various styles of housing, and wonderful parks. Built into a hill north of downtown, Five Oaks was the original bedroom community of Dayton. Though the bedroom community left, the neighborhood still has a wonderful community feel.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Five%2520Oaks/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:24:47 -0400
<![CDATA[Twin Towers (13 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Twin%2520Towers/ Twin Towers

Twin Towers (13 images)

Twin Towers was once a Jewish enclave, now the neighborhood is the home of the gorgeous St. Mary's Church (twin-spires) and wonderful bakeries.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Twin%2520Towers/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:47:17 -0400
<![CDATA[Wright-Dunbar (42 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Wright%2520Dunbar/ Wright-Dunbar

Wright-Dunbar (42 images)

Wright-Dunbar has turned from one of the worst neighborhoods in the city to one of the most beautiful. This page shows the transformation of once a decrepit neighborhood to a gentrified community. Today, Wright-Dunbar is now clean, safe, and restored with CitiRama houses, the wonderful Third Street District now houses cafes, restaurants, and African-American businesses, the Dayton Walk of Fame and the Wright Bros. Cycle Shop. The neighborhood also houses the Paul Lawrence Dunbar House, where one of the most influential black poets lived. Also, the neighborhood was once the center for blacks in Dayton and was home of the Palace Theater, one of the first black-owned theaters in the country. While the black community has dispersed throughout the city, the Wright-Dunbar will always be the most significant black neighborhood in the city (and one of the most in Ohio) and is in a wonderful time of rehabbing and rebuilding. If Wright-Dunbar can come back, any place can come back with the help of a strong community.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/Wright%2520Dunbar/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:35:42 -0400
<![CDATA[South Park (35 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/South%2520Park/ South Park

South Park (35 images)

South Park has become a haven for Bosnians and other immigrants because of cheap prices, wonderful local shops, and great community feel. A neighborhood built in the 1880's, South Park is one of Dayton's largest historic neighborhoods and showcases many gingerbread cottages. The neighborhood was built thanks to NCR Company (National Cash Register) for workers.
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/South%2520Park/ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:48:56 -0400
<![CDATA[McPherson Town (35 images)]]> http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/McPherson%2520Town/ McPherson Town

McPherson Town (35 images)

McPherson Town is one of Dayton's oldest neighborhoods. Mostly wood-frame Victorian, McPherson Town is an eclectic, small neighborhood with a high percentage of gays/lesbians and heavy gentrification including rehabs and infill Victorian housing makes this neighborhood very interesting. 
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http://urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Southwest%2520Ohio/Dayton/Neighborhoods/McPherson%2520Town/ Sat, 12 Jan 2008 05:04:07 -0500