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Carmel (6 images)

The home of a wonderful old downtown, a newer City Center, and the innovative WestClay new urbanist village, Carmel is one of the more progressive suburbs in the Midwest.

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<![CDATA[Suburbs]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Suburbs/ Suburbs


Suburbs of Indianapolis include Carmel and Zionsville.

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<![CDATA[Terre Haute (9 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Terre%2520Haute/ Terre Haute

Terre Haute (9 images)

Terre Haute is the county seat of Vigo County.  The home of Indiana State University, Terre Haute has some beautiful downtown theatres and is located in the Wabash Valley.

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<![CDATA[South Bend (26 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/South%2520Bend/ South Bend

South Bend (26 images)

South Bend is one of Indiana's largest cities.  The home of Notre Dame, South Bend has a lively riverfront and some wonderful historic theaters downtown.

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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/South%2520Bend/ Sun, 22 Jun 2014 22:03:36 -0400
<![CDATA[Nashville (3 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Nashville/ Nashville

Nashville (3 images)

Nashville is the tourist town in Brown County, Indiana.  A great getaway with cabins, restaurants, shops, and entertainment, it is like a little Gatlinburg, TN in the heart of Southern Indiana.

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<![CDATA[Columbus (3 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Columbus/ Columbus

Columbus (3 images)

To say Columbus stands-out from other American small towns is an understatement.   It is one of the more unique smaller towns whos architectural heritages spans Saarinen to I.M. Pei to SOM to Pelli.  This town is a MUST visit if you are ever in the Indianapolis area.

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<![CDATA[Madison (37 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Madison/ Madison

Madison (37 images)

For all intents and purposes, Madison is Indiana's Savannah.  Once arguably the state's most important city early in Indiana's history, Madison maintains a fantastic, vibrant downtown and an even more outstanding residential collection.  It is a MUST visit if you ever want to take a day trip out of Cincinnati, Indianapolis, or Louisville.

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<![CDATA[Financial District and Monument Circle (136 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Financial%2520District%2520and%2520Monument%2520Circle/ Financial District and Monument Circle

Financial District and Monument Circle (136 images)

Starting from the 230ft. Soldiers & Sailors Monument is surrounded by cafes, churches, and the city's tallest buildings. Looking down Market Street lies the Indiana State Capital while looking southwest is the Circle Centre Mall, one of the most beautiful and vibrant downtown malls in the country and the home of Parisians and Nordstrom. Hard Rock Cafe and St. Elmo's Steakhouse (the city's signature restaurant) surround the mall while street-front retail encircle the Conseco Fieldhouse (the home of the Indiana Pacers) along with the RCA Dome and Indiana Convention Center.

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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Financial%2520District%2520and%2520Monument%2520Circle/ Thu, 11 Jul 2013 02:21:34 -0400
<![CDATA[Landmarks and Skyscrapers (58 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Landmarks%2520and%2520Skyscrapers/ Landmarks and Skyscrapers

Landmarks and Skyscrapers (58 images)

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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Landmarks%2520and%2520Skyscrapers/ Wed, 10 Jul 2013 22:55:39 -0400
<![CDATA[Union City (21 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Union%2520City/ Union City

Union City (21 images)

Union City (pop in Indiana:  3,584) straddles the Ohio-Indiana border, with the majority of the community lying on the Indiana side. Less than 2,000 residents in Darke County call the Ohio side home. The town is known as the “Hub City” due to the intersection of two major rail lines.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Union%2520City/ Wed, 25 May 2011 23:29:28 -0400
<![CDATA[Fort Wayne (34 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Fort%2520Wayne/ Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne (34 images)

Fort Wayne (pop: 205,727; metro: 550,000) is Indiana’s second largest city. Located in the Northeast sector of the state near the Ohio border, the city is located at the confluence of the St. Marys, St. Joseph, and Maumee River. Downtown boasts an incredible county courthouse (one of statehouse quality) and has undergone massive redevelopment, including an enlarged library, new convention center, and the construction of Parkview Field to house the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Fort%2520Wayne/ Sat, 13 Sep 2008 04:32:24 -0400
<![CDATA[Muncie (32 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Muncie/ Muncie

Muncie (32 images)

Muncie (pop: 67,430) is the home of Ball State University and has been dubbed “Funcie” by its students. The city is also the birthplace of the Ball Corporation, manufacturer of canning jars. Today, the canning jars are still made in Muncie, but the city has transitioned from an industrial center to a college town.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Muncie/ Sun, 01 Feb 2009 03:00:34 -0500
<![CDATA[Evansville (43 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Evansville/ Evansville

Evansville (43 images)

Evansville (pop: 121,582) is the third-largest city in Indiana after Indy and Fort Wayne. Located on the Ohio River, the appropriately dubbed 'River City' has recently invested heavily in the riverfront. The seat of Vandenburg County, Downtown Evansville is beginning to see renewed development activity and contains a good stock of buildings.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Evansville/ Fri, 01 Aug 2008 05:58:49 -0400
<![CDATA[Anderson (30 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Anderson/ Anderson

Anderson (30 images)

Anderson (pop: 59,734) is a mid-size city between Indianapolis and Muncie. Home to the University of Anderson and Madison County government, Anderson underwent significant urban renewal change, losing both its historic courthouse and many downtown buildings. The face of downtown has changed however, with the construction of a heavily used town center at the core of Meridian Street, Anderson's Main Street, just across from the beautiful Paramount Theatre.
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<![CDATA[Bloomington (82 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Bloomington/ Bloomington

Bloomington (82 images)

Bloomington (pop: 69,291) is home to the main residential campus of Indiana University. As the seat of Monroe County, Bloomington maintains a traditional downtown square and courthouse connected to Indiana’s campus via Kirkwood Avenue, a street lined with restaurants and shops aimed at the college demographic. The campus of IU is one of the Big 10’s best with its beautiful limestone halls spread across a heavily wooded landscape.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Bloomington/ Mon, 09 Jun 2008 03:17:21 -0400
<![CDATA[Lafayette (23 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Lafayette/ Lafayette

Lafayette (23 images)

Lafayette (pop: 56,397) is one of Indiana's best midsize cities. Currently experiencing rapid population growth, the city boasts a very vibrant and urban downtown on the banks of the Wabash River. Just across the river sits West Lafayette, home of Purdue University.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Lafayette/ Sun, 18 Nov 2007 06:49:10 -0500
<![CDATA[The War Memorial Mall (22 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/The%2520War%2520Memorial%2520Mall/ The War Memorial Mall

The War Memorial Mall (22 images)

The downtown is the home of the gorgeous National Mall-like are just north of downtown with various government centers, memorials, and the central library (offering a gorgeous view of the skyline).
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/The%2520War%2520Memorial%2520Mall/ Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:37:10 -0400
<![CDATA[Canal District & White River State Park (23 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Canal%2520District/ Canal District &amp; White River State Park

Canal District &amp; White River State Park (23 images)

The Canal District is a rather unique concept (to the region) of residential housing, hotels, and restaurants lining a (not-too-deep) canal, full of paddleboats and Spanish fountains.

White River State Park holds the Indiana State Museum and IMAX Theater, Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art, NCAA Headquarters and NCAA Hall of Champions, the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial, and Victory Field. The JW Marriott is the tallest building in this sub-section of downtown.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Canal%2520District/ Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:28:32 -0400
<![CDATA[Massachusetts Avenue Arts District & Lockerbie Square (59 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Massachusetts%2520Avenue%2520Arts%2520District/ Massachusetts Avenue Arts District &amp; Lockerbie Square

Massachusetts Avenue Arts District &amp; Lockerbie Square (59 images)

Massachusetts Avenue Arts District is technically downtown yet gets its own section due to the fact that it could sustain to be its own individual neighborhood. With trendy cafes and coffee shops along with interesting stores and the American Cabaret Theater make this little sub-neighborhood fun for locals and visitors.

Lockerbie Square is Indianapolis' oldest neighborhood. Gorgeous 1800's housing, the neighborhood has REAL cobblestone streets, beautiful tree cover, and wonderful vernacular.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Massachusetts%2520Avenue%2520Arts%2520District/ Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:36:16 -0400
<![CDATA[St. Joseph (22 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/St%2520Joseph/ St. Joseph

St. Joseph (22 images)

St. Joseph is one of the booming gentrified neighborhoods of the city. With various infill projects, a nice collection of rowhouses and wood-frame Victorian, and other secrets, St. Joseph is a nice, quiet residential neighborhood northeast of downtown. Established in the 1860s, St. Joseph is among the oldest neighborhoods in Indianapolis. St. Joseph traditionally has been a mix of residences and service businesses catering to Downtown. Jim Jones, the minister who led his followers in a mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, 20 years ago, once led services at a former synagogue at Delaware and 10th streets.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/St%2520Joseph/ Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:16:30 -0400
<![CDATA[Rivoli (6 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Rivoli/ Rivoli

Rivoli (6 images)

Rivoli is an eastside neighborhood that has suffered tremendously. The neighborhood's most famous landmark is the "haunted" Rivoli Theater.
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<![CDATA[Near Northside (14 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Near%2520Northside/ Near Northside

Near Northside (14 images)

Near Northside includes the Old Northside neighborhood, which has a wonderful collection of apartment buildings and Victorian houses. The Meridian Corridor includes many highrises, museums, and restaurants. The Indianapolis Children's Museum, one of the most famous children's museums in the world, is located in the Near Northside along with the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Butler University, and Crown Hill Cemetery (which has a stunning vista).
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Near%2520Northside/ Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:37:51 -0400
<![CDATA[Indiana Pacers (8 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Indiana%2520Pacers/ Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers (8 images)

The Indiana Pacers play in one of the NBA's best arenas, the Conseco Fieldhouse.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/Indiana%2520Pacers/ Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:35:07 -0400
<![CDATA[Downtown]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/ Downtown


Downtown Indianapolis is down right wonderful. A very successful downtown, it is full of residents, suburbanites, urbanites, and tourists alike. Downtown is the home of the Indianapolis Zoo, IUPUI Campus, Indiana State Museum and IMAX, Victory Field, and the NCAA Hall of Champions.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Downtown/ Wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Broad Ripple (10 images)]]> http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Broad%2520Ripple/ Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple (10 images)

Broad Ripple is the eclectic and dining district of the city. Bohemian, the small village built in 1836 along the White River is in the heart of the city's northside. The area's Monon Trail (which stretches from the northern suburbs to downtown) along with restaurants, shops, grocers, and the Vogue Theater music venue keep the area vibrant, young, and appealing.
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http://www.urbanohio.com/gallery/index.php?album=Other%2520Places/United%2520States/Indiana/Indianapolis/Neighborhoods/Broad%2520Ripple/ Wed, 30 Nov -001 00:00:00 -0500