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Chillicothe (72 images)

Chillicothe (pop: 21,796; metro: 74,000) is not only Ohio's first state capital (twice) but also the Northwest Territory's last capital (in 1800) before being split up (which also occurred in Chillicothe). This city which lies in the Scioto Valley in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is a very significant area for the Midwest/Western movement of America. The Great Seal of Ohio was painted here (Adena Monument); Tecumseh and his Shawnee tribe were based in the area; the Hopewell Mound builders built cities around the Chillicothe area. Chillicothe is a city full of history, architecture, a wonderful downtown, a wonderful scenic location with a foothills backdrop, and has one of the more interesting names to grace this country's urban landscape. The city is also the home of Tecumseh, the Outdoor Drama along with the Chillicothe Paints baseball team, and many other attractions. Chillicothe is indeed a special city.
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