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That monument sign and canopy are barely noticeable, and that seemed to be a major concern for many.  All in all this project may be the biggest surprise of the recent hotel additions, certainly up there with Kimpton!
To add to the above, here is a quick shot out front. Not much to see but work continues.
Thanks Mendo!  It looks better than the renderings !
Mass Transit / Re: Cincinnati Streetcar News
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Didn't they figure that it would only take 2% of workers, 2% of residents, and 2% of visitors taking round trips to meet the daily expectations at launch? That doesn't exactly seem like a hard task.
It sure is a looker. There is a lot of landscaping left to do but that shouldn't be a surprise with the crappy weather.
A well done job.   Does anyone have pictures of the canopy that has been added to the east facade?   I wish the framed photos of Cleveland vistas were changed to art that matched the amazing painted murals .  They just seem out of place and framed incorrectly for the grandeur.
I know! I've been looking down at it everyday. They literally JUST finished the driveway and opened.  Quite a speedy timeline. The landscaping is totally incomplete but that seems to be next.

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I can't believe they are open... Drove by today and could still use another 3-4 weeks of construction time on the exterior work to say that least.
Mass Transit / Re: Greater Cleveland RTA News & Discussion
« Last post by KJP on Yesterday at 08:24:17 PM »
^ Thanks, KJP. Has this meeting been promulgated besides via email to a select group of people? I haven't seen anything about it on the website/social media.

Don't know. Haven't been able to work on much advocacy stuff lately.
From today's Cadwell Snippets e-newsletter (still no groundbreaking date!)....

On Thursday, April 29th, the proposed Lucky's Market at West 116th and Clifton received a favorable review from the Landmarks Commission and is one step closer to starting construction.  Additionally, the conceptual footprint for the "B" building and site plan also were favorably reviewed.  The Clifton Boulevard/West Boulevard Local Design Review had approved the Lucky's Market design earlier in the month and sent its approval to Donald Petit of the Landmarks Commission kicking off the formal process last Thursday.  Signage and graphics will require further clarification and refinement by the Local Design Review.  The Lucky's Market will be about 27,000 sq.ft. of fresh produce, meats, bakery along with outdoor displays and indoor cafe. 

Carnegie Companies, property owner, presented the concept of the placement of the 3,000 sq.ft.  "B" building with several tenants and outdoor seating. Other amenities were shared and approved. 

Deconstruction and demolition of the Fifth Church of Christ Scientist that had been approved by the Commission some time ago was discussed in detail and the Commission received the structure analysis that had been prepared by W.R. Restoration under contract with the city of Cleveland.

Still to be reviewed and approved are the Brickhaus proposed townhomes fronting on Lake Avenue. 

A Red Letter day in our 30 year saga of the Fifth Church of Christ Scientist.

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