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City Discussion / Re: Northeast Ohio: Regionalism News & Discussion
« Last post by PoshSteve on Today at 06:26:56 PM »
Glad to see they're starting to come around to some common sense.
The biggest head scratcher for me was:

Opposition Lawyer: Have you ever provided a feasibility study for someone that included historic tax credits?
"expert": I don't recall.
Opposition Lawyer: Have you ever provided a feasibility study for someone that included New Mark Tax Credits?
"expert": I don't recall.
Opposition Lawyer: Have you ever provided a feasibility study for someone that included funds that weren't privately financed?
"expert": I don't recall.

Really? You do these for a living and can't recall? I'm sure if a potential customer came up to him and said "what is your experience with various tax credits and soft funding?" he would be quick to respond with a list of project he successfully worked on.
Seems like the Josephs' team's effort to apparently run out the clock so that the HC Board would get bored before any opponents even had the chance to testify hours later hasn't worked out quite as planned:  the hearing will be continued until a mutually-convenient time agreed upon by all parties.   

What stood out so far to me, although I missed a lot of the testimony, was the mendacity of Lance Brown, appraiser/consultant employed by the Josephs, to determine if there was a viable use for the building.  The lack of expertise of someone held out as a sort of expert was mind boggling.  For instance, (and anyone please feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken) this guy seemed either clueless or willfully ignorant of the usual financial tools available for downtown real estate developers to employ; reasonable property values and rates of return, etc., etc.  SMH...
Wine bar and restaurant opens in Incline District

A wine bar and restaurant is now open in the Incline District of East Price Hill.

Somm Wine Bar, located at 3105 Price Ave., officially opened on May 25. The wine bar is located in the same building as Bloc Coffee Co. and less than half a mile from the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater and the Incline Public House.

More below:
Two25 developers ‘very nervous’ about pedestrian safety at Columbus Commons

The final high-rise planned on Columbus Commons park is earning positive feedback for its design, but developers of the Two25 building must resolve one issue.

As expected, Daimler Group Inc. and Kaufman Development faced questions from Downtown Commissioners this week about an elevated pedestrian bridge included in the project. It would connect the 12-story office and residential building with a parking garage south of Rich Street.

More below:
Dayton History raising funds for $20M master plan

Dayton History is making progress in raising the funds for major upgrades to its park.

Brady Kress, president and CEO of Dayton History, talked about the progress of the group's 10-year master plan which will bring new attractions to its big properties. Dayton History, the local historic organization formed from the merger of the county’s historical society and a number of other groups, runs Carillon Park and several other attractions.

More below:
'Oregon East' developer envisions a dozen projects near downtown Dayton

Efforts to redevelop and extend the Oregon District will take time, said the developer behind an ambitious plan to extend the major nightlife hub.

More below:
The pro-demolition side made their case today for four hours but due to running out of time, the HCB voted to adjourn and come back at a later date. Next time the Save the Dennison side will make their case and the vote will be taken.
Ohio Politics / Re: Governor John Kasich
« Last post by DarkandStormy on Today at 05:03:35 PM »
From The Dispatch on Wednesday:

Kasich took daughter Reese and one of her friends to Rock on the Range on Friday.

“Maybe I’m getting older or something, but they were so loud,” Kasich said. But he praised the gathering, saying, “I think we have the No. 1 hard rock festival in the United States."

With 40,000 in attendance each night over the weekend, Kasich said organizers are seeking a larger venue, which could mean a move to Cleveland.

“Music festivals are like really in right now,” he said. “I don’t think people around here understand it. But frankly, people around here don’t understand the Columbus Crew.”
City Discussion / Re: The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread
« Last post by TPH2 on Today at 05:03:19 PM »
Yeah, being at the top of a reddit page is a pretty fleeting accomplishment.  I'm chalking up the hype to most people not understanding how reddit works.

Seems obvious that the reporter doesn't:  "Apparently Cleveland's skyline beats views in other places such as Florida, France and Italy."

It is a cool picture (but it also bothers me that it's at least 6 years old. Notably, the Columbia Building is still standing and the old LeBron banner is still hanging.)
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