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Railways & Waterways / Re: Amtrak & Federal passenger rail news
« Last post by BuckeyeB on Today at 08:35:18 AM »
The process for RRIF loans is apparently too complicated for All Aboard Florida, which has now shifted to Public Activity Bonds (PAB's). NIMBY's also made the loans a talking point, saying tax dollars were going to support the private railroad.

KJP is right in that as long as every other mode is subsidized, passenger rail will have to have some sort of relief. He is also right to say that most rail supporters would welcome private interests in the rail passenger field.   
I disagree with the idea that the scale is too big. Liberty isn't what it first was. It's super wide, and as such needs much larger buildings lining it in order to help undo the openness which its expansion created.

It's not 1860. We shouldn't pretend it is. We shouldn't think building like it's 1860 makes sense. This is a perfect example of romanticizing idea of what OTR is and what it actually is. It's 40% of a historic neighborhood and 60% open, ugly, underdeveloped space or vacant. There's no actual reason we should think that 60% should look like it did before it was torn down. Aiming for such will result in a really awful neighborhood filled with ugly row buildings that look like that crap that was just built on the 1400 block of Elm Street or the things built on Republic Street a few years back. Europe should tell us that the best way to celebrate the old is to compliment it with the new, not try to mimic the old and fail at doing so, insulting the old in the process.

The way we function as a society isn't the same as when OTR was first developed. Therefore we should update the way we use space accordingly.
Current Events / Re: Ferguson, MO: Mike Brown Shooting
« Last post by mu2010 on Today at 08:05:46 AM »
Nobody would ever pay attention to a protest if it wasn't at least moderately disruptive.

Of course but at what point does a peaceful protest become too disruptive?  Like, aside from this protest, when would anyone who blocked traffic on a main thoroughfare not expect to be swiftly arrested?

Protesters often break laws, usually intentionally. There's a famous essay about it which most of you are probably aware of but are presently ignoring, "Civil Disobedience." To do civil disobedience honorably, protesters 1. can't resist arrest, they should go peacefully if arrested, and 2. stay nonviolent.

So, the protests in Cleveland and Cincinnati were pretty damn successful and honorable protests in that they stayed nonviolent and nobody resisted arrest, and I commend them for it. Looting, rioting, all that stuff in Ferguson, that's no good, but that didn't happen here.

You and the others who have pointed it out are absolutely correct that blocking the highway is illegal and aside from this protest, if somebody did it, they would be swiftly arrested. You'd have to call the police or the FBI and ask them why they didn't arrest these protesters. Hint: It's because it would make them look bad. Called a "dilemma action" and also a common protest dynamic.

(EDIT: Reading up on the Cinci protests, looks like 15 arrests after people got on 75, but don't see anything about resistance to arrest)

I don't know all the facts but I think the grand jury in MO made the right decision, and that Wilson probably feared for his life. He doesn't seem like some kind of white supremacist killer to me, he seems like some kid just trying to do his job and stay alive. Regardless, it's obvious that there are huge systemic problems way above Wilson and Brown that led to this. Black frustration with policing policies and practices is well justified. I think people should stop worrying about indictments and convictions so much and start worrying about changing the circumstances that led to the event.

For that reason these protests are a good thing. There's no such thing as bad publicity and since everyone in Ohio is going to be discussing the protests today, I'd say that's a win and a hopefully a move towards substantive change. Either change through legislation, but that's not even necessary. Police departments are going to tweak their policies all across the country to try to avoid a Ferguson, possibly innovate and come up with new solutions. So the battle is already won in that regard.

Now, if you're going to riot, which is different than protest, if you're going to destroy innocent people's property, than not only is that just wrong, you are going to lose the battle of public opinion, so hopefully those idiots stop doing that.
This may be HI-Low's Pub.....

Board of Zoning Appeals
December 1, 2014

Calendar No. 14-213: 3610 Superior Avenue Ward 7
TJ Dow
11 Notices
3620 Superior Avenue LLC, owner, proposes to expand the existing bar to include
DJ/Dance/Amusement and to add 149.8 square feet exterior smoking area in a Semi-Industry Zoning
District. Owner appeals for relief from the following Sections of the Cleveland Codified Ordinances:
1. Section 349.04(e) which states that 24 accessory off-street parking spaces are required and 5
spaces are provided.
2. Section 347.12(a) (1) which states that DJ/Dance/Amusement shall not be established within
five hundred (500) feet of a Residential District, day care, kindergarten, elementary or
secondary school, public library, church, playground, public or nonprofit recreation center or
community center; proposed use is within 500 feet of a church and Residential District. (filed
October 31, 2014)

No, that's the "Sweethearts" property they had all the problems with before Mary Hilow passed away.

I remember it because Naymik did a couple stories on the feud, apparently mostly just talking to the shady seeming manager of "Sweethearts".
Current Events / Re: Ferguson, MO: Mike Brown Shooting
« Last post by E Rocc on Today at 06:32:29 AM »
Jennifer Jordan on FOX 8 seriously just questioned if a protest can be considered "peaceful" if it interrupts traffic. Because cars have rights.

If a car had hit one of them erroneously, would the driver be at fault? I mean, in Cincinnati, they were laying in the middle of the NB lanes of I-75 tonight. Wearing dark clothing. Others were jumping into traffic holding signs. To what purpose does that serve? And when that mob mentality goes after the driver, as it has in the past with other riots, would we fault the driver still?

This morning, I had to drive in the grassy slope of a freeway on-ramp because there were people intentionally blocking traffic protesting. Shouting, holding some signs. You know, people have to go to work and have places to be.

I was told yesterday that blocking a federal highway (US-20, I-75) intentionally is a federal offense.  That would mean plotting to do so is conspiracy.
Current Events / Re: Ferguson, MO: Mike Brown Shooting
« Last post by E Rocc on Today at 06:30:03 AM »
When five people were murdered on the east side, no one called Oberlin.

But their next big event on campus might have some unwelcome visitors.  Social media works both ways....
Current Events / Re: Ferguson, MO: Mike Brown Shooting
« Last post by Oldmanladyluck on Today at 05:22:18 AM »
Looks like the National Bar Association would like to move this to Federal court (I'll remove this if it has already been posted)...

National Bar Association Calls for Federal Charges Against Darren Wilson

After the grand jury in Ferguson, Mo. decided not to charge police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, many wondered about the legal precedent for such a decision. FiveThirtyEight reported this morning on just how rare it is for a grand jury not to indict someone given the evidence available: in 2010 (the most recent data available), 162,000 cases were pursued by U.S. attorneys, and just 11 failed to return indictments.

More at:

Should have never gone to a GJ. There was zero evidence against the cop.
The National Bar Association was founded in 1925 and is the nation's oldest and largest national network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges.

If the cop was black, no story, no $$$ for the poverty pimps.

Oh, I see. A group of over 20,000 black attorneys and judges are "poverty pimps" because they're... black... right? There's no way this could have to do with the merits of what, should have, been put before a court... I swear the true colors of some folks start to shine even on boards like this.
So sad for the community:

MetroHealth closing Asia Plaza Clinic, moving services to Broadway Health Center

CLEVELAND, Ohio Beginning Dec. 1, members of Cleveland's Asian community who have been going to the MetroHealth System's Asia Plaza Clinic for health care will have to travel to MetroHealth's Broadway Health Center, at 6835 Broadway Ave.

The move which MetroHealth publicly announced less than a month ago is not sitting well with some in the Asian community who think that the health center (also known as Asia Town Health Center) will be too far away.

Even though the same staff is moving to the Broadway site, "The new location is outside of the Asian community," said Lisa Wong, president of OCA Greater Cleveland - Asian Pacific American Advocates.
City Life / Re: Cleveland: Edgewater Park
« Last post by Equillibrius on Today at 12:26:45 AM »
For comparison, here is the old bathhouse, built in 1914...

Does any of the infrastructure for this building still exist? Or is it all pretty much gone? I'd love to know where exactly it stood (the beach has grown 50 feet or so northward in the past hundred years, so the footprint is nowhere near the water as it was in the photo). It was an interesting building, it reminds me of something that would be in Mexico, or SoCal at the very least.  :-)
Current Events / Re: Ferguson, MO: Mike Brown Shooting
« Last post by KyleCincy on Yesterday at 11:58:14 PM »

Because Brown's behavior was criminal. He robbed a store, then beat a cop, tried to take the gun. Dude got shot and still came after the cop until he took one to the head.

You know all this as fact then?

And you really think Brown held his hand up and said don't shoot? LOL. Keep carrying that water. Did you even hear about the forensic evidence?
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