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Compared to other similar-sized/similar character cities, Cleveland is on the light side with regard to high rise/near high-rise residential buildings.  Quite obviously, the ones we have are mainly bunched in Lakewood's Gold Coast just across the Cleveland border.

We sure are. I'm working on a project involving Canada and it always strikes me how many residential high-rises they have in cities smaller than Cleveland. London, Hamilton, Kitchener etc. all have a tremendous number of high-rises.

Some cities are just more low rise in nature, residentially.  Cleveland is one of them... Surprisingly Philadelphia, despite being several times bigger and denser than Cleveland, is another.  Only over the last 10-15 years have residential high rises been sprouting up ... almost exclusively in Center City.  Before that, rowhouses, twins, brownstones and small apartment buildings were, and still are, the dominant residential housing type.  This in a city (proper) of 1.5M.

I'm not absolutely certain, but I think for years Philadelphia had a law that no building could be higher than City Hall, which of course is at the exact center of downtown.

It wasn't a law, but an honored tradition, that nothing would be built which would block William Penn's view of his woods
City Discussion / Re: Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion
« Last post by MayDay on Today at 08:06:06 AM »
Hearing through the grapevine that multiple suspects have been arrested in connection to the Tremont incidents.
Current Events / Re: 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominees Discussion
« Last post by Hts121 on Today at 07:58:20 AM »
^^keep dreaming.  If the delegates at either convention are going to revolt, it will be against an increasingly likely Trump victory in the primary, which would be hilarious, if not so scary..... The Trump victory that is

^I think you mean conspiracy theory.  Certainly no shortage of those
Two comments about previous posts:  Doesn't Albert's always have "For Sale" signs on display in the windows?
As for the building with the black glass, maybe it could be restored to its original exterior materials, if there's really enough there, but this is a case, imho, that the glossy facade is really striking, very '30s and '40s, and I'd like to see it stay - all cleaned and restored to its original appearance, of course.
Sports Talk / Re: Cleveland Cavs Discussion
« Last post by Hts121 on Today at 07:53:26 AM »
^Chris Fedor actually wrote the story.

Still not the pd.  NEOMG is a separate animal
Forum Issues/Site Input / Re: New Design Input
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Something strange is happening to UO on my iPhone. The site loads skinny and narrow and is cutting off the date and time of the most recent replies for each thread. I should mention, this is the main site I'm having trouble with. I never use the mobile site because it's unattractive. What's happening?
Does anyone here with any expertise have an opinion regarding the painting of these brick buildings?  A lot of people who post on other forums from the east coast are adamantly opposed to the painting of brick row houses because they're historically inaccurate and because the painting is often done with types of paint that slowly harm the brick and mortar.  Personally I love that people can and do paint their buildings any color they want in Cincinnati.   
Sports Talk / Re: Cleveland Cavs Discussion
« Last post by ClevelandBrowns on Today at 02:49:54 AM »
^It didn't mean "bye-bye" for Rich Paul's other client who rolled the dice on the qualifying offer.... Eric Bledsoe. 

Did you read the Sheridan Hoops story?  It said some league executives are speculating that TT may be headed north.  It didn't even come from Paul or anyone in TT's camp.  It is some executive throwing the possibility out there and some writer over at Sheridan attaching it to some juicy click-bait.  Ever heard of Mike Scotto?  I hadn't either, prior to yesterday.

As for TT turning down the 5/80 offer, that has been confirmed for some time.  Nor has he signed the QO.  They are at a stale-mate, waiting for one side to flinch.

As for LeBron, he wouldn't take it as a slap in the face.  TT was offered more than his FMV.

The PD is reporting the "Rumor" like YOU!

Yes I read it... I'm just saying there are certain facts we know: 1) Paul threatened to leave if TT signs the QO and 2) TT rejected the 5/$80M and 3) Tristan's an unrestricted free agent next year when the money starts to really get crazy... and, oh yeah, he's from Toronto... Maybe the rumors to fill in the gaps are B.S... But all I'm saying is that, given these 3 key facts and given that Tristan is still the lone holdout, and a mighty piece for the Cavs with training camp less than a month away ...

btw, the PD is reporting the Toronto factor today.
They are reporting the "Rumor" Like you!
Yeah, that red looks great.
Makes me curious how they were about to set a deadline and achieve within there time frame (restoring a whole historic church is no easy, nor quick task), yet there are much smaller rehabilitation projects in OTR that take sooooo much more time. Is it just that this firm working on the Transept is more motivated to get things done in a timely fashion?

The answer is money. And size is not necessarily directly proportional to the complexity of a project.

Some smaller projects have much smaller crews in relation to how much work is needed so they take longer. If you throw enough money and labor at something it can always happen faster but that's not always advantageous.

The red looks fantastic in person. It's a stunning color and really adds some visual excitement to that block which is already one of my favorites in OTR.
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