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Current Events / Re: Tea Party / Liberty movement
« Last post by GCrites80s on Today at 09:18:12 PM »
Odd how many different people want to be associated with the "Get a brain, morans" guy
Current Events / Re: Donald Trump
« Last post by KJP on Today at 09:14:56 PM »
Donald Trump appears to be peddling something even darker than anti-terror zeal
City Discussion / Re: The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread
« Last post by mrnyc on Today at 08:56:00 PM »
^ very nice event to hear about.


pancho & lefty -- do i have to tell you where lefty left to? ;)

let townes van zandt, willie nelson & merle haggard explain in this #1 country hit of 1983:

Urbanbar / Re: The YouTube Thread
« Last post by mrnyc on Today at 08:46:12 PM »
straight up topical politics in another new mesmerizing mia video

Midwest version of Soho is really river North in Chicago, but otr is still an important neighborhood, perhaps the Midwest version of Greenwich village but with out as deep an arts legacy.

Very little of sf is still gritty other than the south east neighborhoods and some of the tenderloin. Just ask c-dawg. Otr is going the same way...
Sports Talk / Re: Columbus Crew Discussion
« Last post by roman totale XVII on Today at 08:40:05 PM »
Wow. What a breathless first half!
Crew have had all the chances and should really have put the tie to bed.
RedBulls are lucky to still have 11 on the field.
Higuain is fortunate to still have his legs intact!
Stark has said Melbourne's lanes are his inspiration for nuCLEus. Just saw this on Twitter. Now Melbourne wants to have green lanes. via @MishoBaranovic:

This is the proposed green lanes in Melbourne:

This is Melbourne's existing lane ways. Think this (or a green lane, above) will work in nuCLEus?

BTW, while cruising the streets of Melbourne on Streetviews, I spotted a new building (built since 2009) that looks like it may have also inspired Stark. It's a jenga-style condo building:
nucleus melbourne inspiration by Ken Prendergast, on Flickr

nucleus melbourne inspiration2 by Ken Prendergast, on Flickr
nucleus melbourne inspiration3 by Ken Prendergast, on Flickr
Oh OK. I thought I had to pay. Thnx.

There are other ways to access it without registering. But if you really want to follow NE Ohio business news, and especially Cleveland developments, registering for a free Crain's account is certainly worth the price of admission. :)
City Photos - Ohio / Re: Cleveland - Random Pictures
« Last post by Cleburger on Today at 06:48:45 PM »
Great attendance!  Hopefully this mild autumn continues on into winter!
Good news there ^ I also liked hearing that a majority of Beachwood residents now want mixed use office/res developments, and the city is beginning to plan for them in Commerce Park and along Chagrin near the big Shaker Hts development.
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