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Sports Talk / Re: NFL: General News & Discussion
« Last post by unusualfire on Today at 04:38:23 AM »
He lost a year too.
Current Events / Re: Income Inequality
« Last post by jmecklenborg on Today at 01:47:58 AM »
I think it's more that these student loans are essentially a new phenomenon.  Sure, they've existed for decades, but borrowing has gone up at the same time that incomes have gone down.  In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, there was never the risk that if you graduated with a degree that you couldn't attain professional employment.  Now a huge percentage of recent college graduates -- perhaps approaching 50% -- aren't working professional jobs and are paying $500+/mo in loan payments. 
Current Events / Re: Income Inequality
« Last post by Cleburger on Today at 12:15:41 AM »

Moral of the story: don't have kids.  And if you do, don't cosign on their student loans.  That said, I'm not seeing in this story why the daughters aren't helping to pay off these loans. 

Or simply learn to say "no" to your children.  The father here notes that his older daughter went to an expensive private school, and he didn't fully appreciate just how expensive that would be (even though private colleges these days are at least reasonably up front about their costs ... tuition is usually only 1-2 links deep in any *.edu Web site).  My parents let me know that if I got into one of the Ivies, they wouldn't realistically be able to help put anything more than a small dent in the four-year cost of tuition, whereas that same amount of help would go a long way at a state school.  I hardly consider them failures as parents just because they weren't quite up to putting me through Princeton on their discretionary income.  The video notes that the parents borrowed $115,000 for their two children's educations; my parents didn't even borrow that much for our house.

"No" is a quickly vanishing concept.   Parents from the ghetto to ivy-lined prep schools need to learn to tell their kids no.   When I was looking at colleges 25 years ago I was obsessed with NYU.   My parents flat out told me--you figure it out and we'll give you what we can.   Me being a lazy suburban teenager took the path of least resistance and settled on CSU.   

Fast forward to today--I've never used my college degree, and I'm debt free, unlike most of my peers who took massive loans to go away and party at out of town schools.  I thank my parents every day for forcing me to find my own way.   
Shriners Hospital: Iconic Lexington institution gets ready to move from longtime home
ctruman@herald-leader.comOctober 20, 2014 Updated 19 minutes ago

Shriners Hospital has been a fixture on Richmond Road for as long as most Lexingtonians can remember the 117,000-square-foot hospital sits atop a big slope on 27 acres where visitors gather to watch fireworks in the summer and to sled in the winter.

The new $50 million, 100,000-square-foot hospital between Conn Terrace and State Street, a pedway's walk away from the main UK Hospital, will begin construction in February 2015 and should be ready for occupancy by May 2017.
Sports Talk / Re: NFL: General News & Discussion
« Last post by Mendo on Today at 12:01:51 AM »
^ Manning might end up with another hundred TDs when it's all said and done.
^^^^Good idea.  And offer free landing fees for venture capitalists and their jets willing to fund said start ups.   Make it easy for them to visit their creations!  :clap:
If all of these yuppie apartment complexes hadn't been built, some landlords would have been motivated to fully rehab their buildings and the increased UC student population would now be renting homes deeper into Corryville, Mt. Auburn, Avondale near the zoo, and streets along McMicken like Hastings and Tafel.   

I think those neighborhoods (except maybe for Corryville) need stronger connections to campus & Clifton Heights for that to happen.

Take Mt Auburn and the streets around Auburn Ave. for example.  The area feels completely cut off from campus.  This is because McMillan and Taft are high traffic, high speed one way streets that have a moat effect.  Then the University Plaza lot forms another barrier separating it from Corryville.  And there is a steep up and down dip in elevation right around Vine St. to further the effect.  It may not take the Uptown Five to reconnect Mt Auburn; I think there's other things you could do (more pedestrian friendly two way streets, get University Plaza right) to reconnect it.  (I see lots of potential down Auburn Ave around Jackson Hill Park.  I really like the flatiron style currently abandoned building down by the Sycamore St. intersection.)  Strong connections are so important- I think it's telling that now demolished Glencoe-Auburn Place was known as the Glencoe "Hole"- limited access in and out, tucked away in the corner and forgotten.

To go completely off topic you have an analogous situation where Betts-Longworth and the lower West End is cut off from OTR by Central Parkway, the electric substation, and Channel 48 studio/parking garage superblock. Although that area is doing well and has more of a "quiet oasis" feel which I really, really like, it would probably have more buzz and be a candidate for more infill if it were better connected.
^ The city seemed to fast-track the 8th & Sycamore project while dragging its feet on 4th & Race project. So I would not be surprised if the city "finds" money for the 8th & Sycamore development while still claiming that the 4th & Race project is "too rich".

4th and Race = out of town developers

8th and Sycamore = local, politically well-connected developers who probably contributed to Cranley's mayoral campaign.
What is the building called that the Clevelander is located in?  I've also thought it was an interesting building.

Also, was this sign on a recent design review?  I like the sign but I didn't realize that they were getting one.  Surprised I didn't see it posted on here, unless I probably just missed it.
Restaurants, Local Events, & Entertainment / Re: Cleveland: Restaurant News & Info
« Last post by JG on Yesterday at 10:45:27 PM »
That vacancy on W25th will not last long and will open up a new opportunity for a new business. 
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