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^I'm really kind of sick of this whiny Mike Shea guy from Alternative Press. Yes, I understand that it's a big music event and the last couple years of the AP awards were big sucsesses, but in the above posted article he says "we just kinda feel that if we move out of state, we’ll never come back.”   What a dumb thing to say. If he needs to move the event for one year because of the RNC, what's keeping him, besides his whining, from moving it back in 2017?  Nothing. He also made a comment in another article along the lines of not feeling wanted because the politicians didn't know about his awards show. He quoted Trent Reznor saying " if you want to be famous in Cleveland, you have to leave Cleveland". This guy needs to get off the cross. Politicians don't know about a music awards show? Huge surprise. He makes it sound like because his event MIGHT not be accommodated by the city just once because of this little thing called the RNC, that that's the end of AP in Cleveland and no one loves him or respects him, whine, whine, whine.  Suck it up man and realize what a great opportunity the RNC is for the city and adjust your plans accordingly, then get ready for the 2017 show in Cleveland when there will be nothing to steal your thunder.
That class from 2014 I posted last year is seriously carrying the team.  Their sophomore QB and RB and putting up some points this year after a disastrous past season.

If you're tired of watching losing Browns, come check out a city of Cleveland-based high powered offense.  Four more home games left, including this weekend:

9/5 at Chicago  L, 31-30 
9/19 vs. St. Vincent  W, 49-14 
9/26 at Thiel  W, 41-6   
10/3 at Bethany  W, 59-20 
10/10 vs. Waynesburg   1:30 PM   
10/17 at Geneva  7:00 PM   
10/24 vs. Washington and Jefferson  6:00 PM 
10/31 vs. Washington U.  12:00 PM 
11/7 vs. Thomas More  1:00 PM   

11/14 at Carnegie Mellon 2:00 PM
The RNC Shuffle: Other Major Events Reschedule Around Cleveland's Big Event

Monday, October 5, 2015 at 7:21 am
By ideastream's Brian Bull

With an estimated 50,000 attendees, the 2016 Republican National Convention is projected to give a “bump” to Cleveland’s local economy in July.  But the RNC is bumping some other big events that are also expected to draw crowds to the city. 

The city is giving first dibs to the GOP to book events at more than a dozen venues, and that means some shuffling trying to book other events.
I wonder though if the Willard expansion is still being discussed. Then it would just be a matter of building a combined waiting/ticket structure on top of the garage which would be at street level.  In that same space would be the bus idling/boarding area.  The garage would have reserved spaces for the combined services.  While you could use the existing RTA platform for all train boardings. The only added expense would be the covered walkway from the garage to the platform.
Oh well maybe I will still get 'some' of my green space.,17673.msg743686.html#msg743686
So I recently went through the mall and took a bunch of photos. When I was just about done, a Segway mall cop rolled by and told me not to take photos in the mall.

When I walked through the mall a few years ago, they had roped off the upper floors of the two wings ("Neighborhood A" and "Neighborhood B") and did not allow anyone to go up there. However when I went back last month, all of these signs was removed so I wandered around the whole place. The only remaining stores are near the food court and in the wing by Kohl's. Once Bass Pro Shops closes, they can close that wing completely as there are no stores operating in that part of the mall.
Current Events / Re: Terrorism!
« Last post by X on Today at 12:28:43 AM »
^Well, it is a "African American" website.  Yeah, I think it is safe to say that they would like to draw more attention to white supremacist violence.  Not so sure they want to divert it away from jihadists and other Muslims and nor am I sure why they would be politically motivated to do so.  It appears the supportive data was taken from a NYT piece, which was published in the wake of the Charleston shooting.  Seems like as good a time as any to conduct such an analysis.

I was referencing the original NYT source material.  And I'm not saying it isn't worth doing the analysis, but that the analysis they did has no credibility when they intentionally throw out a very important data point like 9/11.
Mass Transit / Cincinnati Air Tram/Gondola Concepts
« Last post by thebillshark on Today at 12:17:05 AM »
This is my concept for an air gondola to Mt. Adams. 

These terminal locations provide central locations in both downtown and Mt. Adams that are easily accessible to pedestrians.  This is especially important on the steep hillsides of Mt. Adams.  The line between them wouldn't have to travel over any buildings (save the KZF Design Building located next to the downtown terminal.)  The terminals themselves may have to be three or four stories tall so the gondola cars could clear obstacles. 

This gondola line could accomplish several things:

   • It would bring Mt. Adams out of isolation from the rest of downtown- an isolation that may have once been beneficial to Mt. Adams when downtown and OTR were in decline, but as downtown and OTR continue their renaissance, is sure to hurt Mt. Adams businesses. 

   • The gondola line could work in conjunction with the streetcar and Redbike to expand car free commuting options for residents. (as well as all other types of trips)

   • The gondola line could form the centerpiece of a "Bucktown" neighborhood (the historic name for the area) of condo towers in the empty lots on the eastern edge of downtown.
   • Finally, this would be an exclamation mark for the city's tourism industry as the views would be unmatched for hundreds of miles.  It would put a day in Mt Adams, Eden Park and the Art Museum on the "must do" list in any Cincinnati tourism guidebook and in walkable reach of downtown's hotels. 

Railways & Waterways / Re: Cleveland: North Coast Transportation Center
« Last post by KJP on Today at 12:08:39 AM »
No parking structure. Too expensive. Amtrak lot and platform stays, but Amtrak station goes, replaced with green space. Moving station platform and tracks are too expensive. They don't want to ask the railroads for track changes-- they want this built by 2050. Conceptual plans still coming together for the rest.
Northeast Ohio Projects & Construction / Re: Cleveland: Lakefront Development News
« Last post by KJP on Yesterday at 11:56:38 PM »
But it's the best part of the forum! ;)
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