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^ fantastic idea!  Possibly even some type of collaboration as a RRHOF annex/branch.
City Discussion / Re: Cleveland: Crime & safety discussion
« Last post by BCCLE1 on Today at 07:40:55 PM »
I'm not biting. I still think this BCCLE1 character is a plant from some batsh!t crazy liberal wingnut organization

"Thanks" for respecting others views Hts121. I appreciate it. HA! HA!
City Discussion / Re: Cleveland: Crime & safety discussion
« Last post by Mildtraumatic on Today at 07:34:44 PM »
IS anyone willing to ponder where this gang came from? Someone mentioned they were students on Cleveland dot com or do you think they just went downtown to cause problems on St Patricks day?
City Discussion / Re: The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread
« Last post by eurokie on Today at 07:21:01 PM »
I agree that Cleveland is a top 10 food city.

I challenge the integrity of the list based on the cities ahead of Cleveland (with the exception of Minny). 

Unless someone can tell me that Houston, Atlanta, Albuquerque and KC are head over heels incredible food cities, I find it hard to believe.

I believe there are only a handful of cities that have better food than Cleveland: Seattle, Portland, San Fran, NYC, DC, Philly.   I would listen to Chicago and Boston.  Houston?!!!

You seem to have an extreme coastal bias, yet have convinced yourself that Cleveland is second only to Chicago for hotspots between the coasts.

Can't speak to the food scenes in Albuquerque or Atlanta which I imagine to be very culturally rich, but KC actually gets a ton of food tourism. Ever heard of BBQ? I always drop in at Arthur Bryant's or Oklahoma Joe's when I'm passing through KC. Houston is also widely regarded as a top foodie city.

Houston's metro is experiencing the largest aggregate growth of any metro in the nation right now, adding over 100,000 residents in 2014. It's also a city that has the third-most embassies, counts foreign royalty among its residents, and is so congested that the market preference has shifted to high-density infill.

Rag on Houston all you want, but you only make yourself look behind the times.
That's a micro-apartment! Sounds like a potential hostel.

Not sure if you meant that seriously about turning the YMCA into a hostel. Does anyone know if CLE is in need of a second hostel? What occupancy rate  has the hostel in OC incurred since its opening a couple years ago? Is it to consistently at capacity? Anybody know.
The architects should be publicly ridiculed. I'll go buy the tomatoes now.

Seriously, it's the usual garbage that Pelli's firm is now churning out with regularity these days, and CSU had better options. They chose this, over better proposals, after they chose to demolish the historic Wolfe Music Building. CSU is compensating for its generally low profile in its own hometown through the "institutional expansion" approach, rather than pursuing opportunities to blend into its surrounding urban fabric.
City Discussion / Re: Cleveland: Crime & safety discussion
« Last post by Hts121 on Today at 06:53:15 PM »
I'm not biting. I still think this BCCLE1 character is a plant from some batsh!t crazy liberal wingnut organization
My ex lived in one of these when we were in grad school. They were incredibly tiny, but still "luxurious" by college dorm standards--having their own kitchen and bathroom is quite the dorm room luxury. And it looks from their site that the units (and building interior) will be seeing much needed TLC.
City Discussion / Re: Ohio: urban population trends
« Last post by lopsidedfrock on Today at 06:24:34 PM »

 Delaware County: 189,113 +3,911 +14,899
 Fairfield County: 150,381 +1,584 +4,225
 Franklin County: 1,231,393 +17,559 +67,979
 Hocking County: 28,725 +117 -655
 Licking County: 169,390 +887 +2,898
 Madison County: 43,918 +646 +483
 Morrow County: 35,152 +114 +325
 Perry County: 35,812 -120 -246
 *****way County: 56,876 +410 +1,178
 Union County: 53,776 +396 +1,476
 Metro Area: 1,994,536 +25,504 +92,562

Why is this county censored?

Lol too funny! 

you can add slovenian to the list of pička languages
it's pronounced peach ka
just like this milkshake available in yugoslav heavy western lake county:

what i want to know is WHO DECIDED TO CENSOR THIS

Effort underway to save the Jesse Owens School on MLK and Larchmere. Truly astounding that it takes a citizen outcry to get CMSD to even consider saving a beautiful historic building located right between St. Luke's and Larchmere's strip. This is a turning point where a community either gets serious about revitalizing-in-place, or resigns to accepting the ebb and flow and decline-flight-gentrification-structural inequality.

Saving the best remaining historic fabric is the only hope left for Cleveland's less-glamorous neighborhoods.
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