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CareSource eyes new building in downtown Dayton

CareSource, one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the region, is said to be looking to build a new building in downtown Dayton.

The Board of Education for Dayton Public Schools held an executive session Wednesday night on real estate matters. It then moved to sell about an acre and a half of land off First Street, the former Patterson Co-Op High School at 118 W. First St. to the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority for $1 million. That parcel, one of few undeveloped pieces of property in downtown, has been empty since the school was demolished in 2007.

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Cincinnati's stock market bar is ready to ring the opening bell

Cincinnati's first bar that plans to price beer dynamically like stocks with prices rising and falling based on demand will open this weekend.

Queen City Exchange at 32 W. Court St. downtown is hosting its grand opening on Oct. 29. The bar borrows not only its name from the New York Stock Exchange but its manner of pricing beer popular beers will increase in cost the more people order them, and the hidden gems nobody is touching will get cheaper. Click through the photos below for a look inside.

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New microbrewery planned for Greater Cincinnati

A new microbrewery is being planned in Greater Cincinnati.

Dan Lynch and Joe Brenner plan to build and operate a small-batch microbrewery in downtown Milford along the banks of the Little Miami River. The planned brewery, the Little Miami Brewing Co., is targeting an opening date of Oct. 1, 2017.

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City Discussion / Re: Ohio Population Trends
« Last post by ColDayMan on Today at 12:39:07 AM »
Columbus does have vast swaths of the South, East and West sides with cheap pre-war housing (I dare say as much or more than Cincinnati) but they are mostly avoided by people making over 40k a year. Again, it's the Uncool Crescent. Old Towne East, Merion Village and Westgate are some examples of these areas seeing investment, but it's still fairly small-scale.

Old Towne East is a seriously impressive neighborhood. It seemed pretty stable, at least from my quick tour of the area. I'm surprised that it hasn't exploded yet, but I won't be surprised when it does.

The problem with the other sides is the lack of sustainable commercial strips.  Sure, there's Parsons, Sullivan, Livingston, West Broad, etc but when they start "filling in" the gaps, it'll be more desirable. Persons is the closest right now along with various corners of Oak Street.  Parsons south of Livingston should be booming, really.
I was confusing that building with this one at 6202 St. Clair....,29327.msg739578.html#msg739578

I hope this is a sign that neighborhood is gaining momentum.

St Martin de Porres is getting a good bit of cooperative help from St. Ignatius H. S.  I think they have a good future ahead - for the students and the neighborhood.
Trader Joe's OR Uniqlo? LOL. Those couldn't be more different tenants:)

Why? Just because one is groceries and the other is clothing? I think that's looking at it too simplistically.

They are both destination stores in their respective segments that target a young, educated clientele with affordable but high-quality on-trend products.

Affluent YPs are absolutely nuts for both, live in large (fast-growing) numbers nearby (SN, Cville, Grandview, etc), and would absolutely travel to SCG if either or anything similar existed there.

This is the market Gateway should be targeting if they're ever going to expand beyond their undergrad college student base. Currently there is no destination retail to attract shoppers from outside the immediate area. Sunflower Market provided this originally, but was short-lived because the entire company went out of business. They need an anchor - groceries, clothing, something unique that is a big draw. JMHO ;)
City Photos - Ohio / Re: Cleveland - As Seen Via RTA Routes
« Last post by clvlndr on Yesterday at 11:36:56 PM »
^Gray trains?  Center doors?  Wow, you are old.   :-o   Did you ride horse cars too?
Mass Transit / Re: Greater Cleveland RTA News & Discussion
« Last post by KJP on Yesterday at 11:15:53 PM »
So it's 11 pm and Joe Calabrese was at the Tower City directing westbound Red Line passengers into the temporary station entrance. While there were many RTA police, CPD, Homeland Security, County Deputies and Tower City security along the walkway and through Tower City directing World Series fans to the proper station entrances (including using food court tables to cordon off routes), Joe C. was the lone RTA staff person right outside the temporary station entrance.
City Photos - Ohio / Re: Cleveland - As Seen Via RTA Routes
« Last post by MyTwoSense on Yesterday at 10:52:10 PM »
Thanks for visiting the best nabe in Cleveland - Shaker Square!  Seems like you loved the "shack on the tracks"?

I've never heard it called that before, but I love it!

We've always called it that.

The Triskett station is probably one of my favorites because it's a station that the RTA did well and without much expense shaved.

Their capital projects tend to be very nice, considering that funding for track rehabilitations and station rebuilds have been pretty decent. I think the hangup is in having decent customer service, having an app that works (surprised yours worked!), having working elevators (an ongoing issue with the temporary station at Tower City), and maintenance - which I'm sure is true of most systems. There is always money for capital but not maintenance.

RTA has been cut to the bone. Now that it's in such desperate straits, there is actually a viable push to get a regional transit system in place to fund RTA. Can you imagine if Metro and TANK joined forces? It'd be like that.

Not sure you're old enough and I don't think you've lived here very long.  But nothing is as bad as CTS "Cleveland rapid" and buses.  I've been riding the Shaker Rapid, on a regular basis, longer than anyone here.  Rider since 1971.

I can remember those old gray trains, with the center doors, that didn't have any heat, AC or interior lights that would break down regularly.  And the PCC cars with no working windows, no A/C and varying heat.  Deteriorating wooden sheds that provided little or no shelter from the elements.  Muddy slabs, that were labeled "stations".  You really don't know how bad CTS & the "Cleveland Rapid", The "Shaker Rapids" and the many bus lines that predate RTA really were.
What a beauty.  I need to drive past there.  This is the kind of house that has me written all over it.

If I had the time to renovate something on this scale.
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