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City Discussion / Re: Another dumb-a$$ list/Ranking of cities
« Last post by SixthCity on Today at 12:10:59 AM »
Before this gets out of hand, I just want to direct everyone's attention to the the title of this thread.  Hopefully we can remember that this topic was created with the understanding, from the outset, that these lists/advertorials/booster-pages are dumb and mean nothing.  And that cuts both ways - whether your city makes the list or not.
City Discussion / Re: Ohio New Hot Housing Market
« Last post by jbcmh81 on Today at 12:08:30 AM »
^ Is that really a good thing though... I think of folks looking to unload when I hear "buyers market."

It's great for long-term growth, maybe but no one says Soho's a "buyers market" for a reason (a bit of a stretch, but you get the point).

Agree.  Buyer's market may mean good deals on housing, but that really just means that there's a glut of supply, lower demand, or both.  Those aren't necessarily positive indicators of a housing market.   
Urbanbar / Re: The BEER Thread
« Last post by metrocity on Today at 12:04:21 AM »
Home rum? Online booze delivery service thrives in Cincinnati

LOUISVILLE Ky. (Reuters) - Less than 10 days after launching in Cincinnati, an online beer run and convenience store service says business is so good, it is looking into expanding into nearby cities in Ohio and Kentucky.

Chicago-based started offering delivery of alcoholic beverages and other party supplies - such as food, ice and tobacco products - in the Cincinnati area on Sept. 13.....
City Discussion / Re: Another dumb-a$$ list/Ranking of cities
« Last post by jbcmh81 on Today at 12:03:18 AM »
^A bad advetorial at best. To me, its a list of cities to stay away from. It says, here's a bunch of towns full of simpletons where any schmo can make his mark. Bigger, more sophisticated cities like CLE and NY shouldn't be anywhere on that list.

I'm not sure I'm getting your point.  What is negative about more people being able to be successful?  And how does that make a city less sophisticated, exactly? 
Sports Talk / Re: Cleveland Cavs Discussion
« Last post by Hts121 on Yesterday at 11:39:24 PM »
Here are the 20 players coming to camp on Saturday:

LeBron James
Kevin Love
Kyrie Irving
Anderson Varejao
Dion Waiters
Tristan Thompson
Mike Miller
Shawn Marion
James Jones
Matthew Dellavedova
Brendan Haywood
Joe Harris
Dwight Powell
John Lucas III
Malcolm Thomas
Erik Murphy
Alex Kirk
Chris Crawford
Lou Admundson
A. J. Price
Forum Issues/Site Input / Re: Sports threads conduct
« Last post by Bosco4789 on Yesterday at 11:33:42 PM »
If so, that's a sad commentary on UO posters! 

Oh well, you are probably right!
Aviation / Re: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
« Last post by Pugu on Yesterday at 11:11:39 PM »
^Yes, the FIS is still under "A", though needs a lot of work. Its a top priority, in my opinion for the city, as it is critical to attract a new int'l route, but the city doesn't care. or has other priorities. The Department of Port Control spent some $85 MILLION on two parking lots in Brook Park where the cost of a new FIS would have been far less and have a much bigger impact on the airport and air service in the region. (Under the deal with parking lots, the same folks who worked there and ran them get to stay AND the city pays the former owner a bunch of money as a fee on top of what he pays his employees to 'run' the lots.) Extremely shady or just incompetent?
Aviation / Re: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
« Last post by Cleburger on Yesterday at 10:46:13 PM »
Apparently Nashville in the running too. I found about a half dozen Aug/Sept articles in various news papers and biz papers (Dispatch, Tennessean, etc...) noting the cities and that British Airways was hoping to fly a 787 on route. Columbus sent a delegation to London to pitch. Where are Ricky and Frank (and the PD story about the route?)

I would think BA would demand a new FIS?   Do we even have one anymore?   It used to be on Concourse A, but I can't remember going through it in the last 10 years.
Sports Talk / Re: Cincinnati Bengals Discussion
« Last post by jmecklenborg on Yesterday at 10:42:55 PM »
I hate how the media jock sniffers only pay attention to the guys who mug for the camera.  Dalton (and Marvin) is the opposite of that, and that's why he's been underrated.  Look at the abuse of the term "elite" by analysts -- elite teams, elite QB's, elite skills.  They underestimate grit and communication and I get the sense that Dalton is an effective communicator.  "Game Manager" should be a high compliment, not a pejorative. 
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